Happy Thanksgiving!

It is time for turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and of course, pumpkin pie! Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all the wonderful things we have in our lives and to appreciate the people in them.  Use “gobblegobble” for $10 off of the 96th Winter Session.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thank You!

Thank you so much to our alumna Madeline Metcalfe from the 90th session for our new crest. We very much appreciate Madeline Metcalfe for donating her time and resources for helping us rebrand our organization!

Meeting Once Again

It is that time of year again, where the YPM cabinet members get together to see each other and discuss the wonderful year ahead. Our annual Cabinet Retreat! Now this is not just a weekend meeting, this is time to really get to know one another. Our main goal is not debating but instead the steps towards it. YPM tries to create a community around debate, and our cabinet is at the heart of that goal. Debating consists of many different voices and opinions. Our goal is to make great relationships and memories with amazing different people. So if you are a little different, come visit us at our 96th winter session!

95th Winter Session Comes to a Close

This evening marked a new beginning for the upcoming 96th Winter Session, just as we closed our books on 95th Session. We began the night with our Closing Ceremonies which were followed by our 96th Winter Session Executive Election.

The House passed five bills this session: The Environmental Rights Act, the Plural Marriage Act, the Police Review Act, the Holistic Education Act, and the Prisoner Education Act. Unfortunately, neither the Military Reform Act, nor the Health and Labour Balance passed the Third Reading in the House.

This session was met with many unexpected difficulties. Not only did our Members begin the week by trekking through a blizzard, but a bout of sickness worked its way through the House. Despite these setbacks, our Parliamentarians participated in one of our most productive sessions of passionate debate and active political discussion. We also successfully initiated our Reconciliation Fund with the aim to increase accessibility to Indigenous Youth within our programming. YPM executives will continue to expand on this program in upcoming sessions so that all youth can have a chance to participate and learn about the political process. Youth will continue to learn the necessary skills to engage in political change within Canada’s Westminster Parliamentary system.

We would like to congratulated the executive of the 96th Winter Session: Premier, Ariel Melamedoff; Speaker, Joey Broda; Deputy Premier, Adrienne Tessier; Deputy Speaker, Deborah Tsao; and House Leader, Abby Theano-Pudwill.

Final Round of Debate

Today marks the end of the second last day of debates in the Legislative Chamber where we voted and passed three of the four pieces of legislation. Members engaged in heated debate on the Holistic Education Act, Environmental Rights Act, Armed Forces Reform Act, and Police Review Act.

Tomorrow, we will debate the final two pieces of legislation, the Health and Labour Balance Act, and the Plural Marriage Act.

Bear Pit

This afternoon we hosted our annual Bear Pit session in the House. We invited former politicians from all political ideologies to come speak to the House about their careers in politics, and followed this with a Q&A period. Despite their dissenting political views, our “bears” engaged equally with the Members in the discussion. Much of the session revolved around Indigenous issues and best methods for moving forward with social activism. Members also asked the bears questions about the six bills that were debated in Youth Parliament this session.

Day Two of Debate!

Day two of YP has now come to an end

Though fun and exciting, debate we suspend

Until the next day, of which we will spend

Another great day with newly-formed friends.


We started debate on exactly four bills

Which parliamentarians put on the grill

One of which talked about why the cops kill

People of colour – they need to chill


Another bill wanted to make it a right

For humans to be free from natural blight

The planet is dying, a truly big fright

For all of our assets on Earth are finite


How about those who want more than one spouse?

They should be able to live in one house

And marry each other without public grouse

They’ll no longer have to live life as a mouse


Finally, citizens work toward peace

By serving conscription before a release

From fighting, first aid, and random elbow grease

The army will own you for ten years. Capisce?


We’ll send these bills off to committees in time

In which they’ll come out looking super sublime

So come to the House and see us at our prime

We promise our speeches won’t end in a rhyme!




Stormy Start to 95th Session

It was dark and stormy. The streets were filled with lost souls and reckless abandon. This morning, we began our session in perhaps the most Manitoban way possible, in the midst of a snowstorm. Our diligent and dedicated cabinet and executive members trekked through the ice and snow to arrive at Kelvin High School this morning for 8:00 am.

Our dedicated troops channeled the skills learned in the Armed Forces Reform Act to follow the dogmatic doctrine of our Premier. After hours of strenuous labour, to the dismay of the elements who had tried so hard to watch us fail, we successfully cleared a path from the clogged street to the entrance of the school. The bleak remnants of our vitality carried us through our physical isolation.

This was not the end of our misery. Our executive expelled their final burst of energy to reach for the door handle, hoping for some gentle relief in the drifts of endless misery. They reached out desperate hands, only to find that the door was locked. The sound of twenty-four hearts shattering rang through the cold, empty air.

Cabinet members took refuge in the surrounding vehicles, the limited shelter we could find in the desolate landscape.

****** Time passes ******

After minutes of waiting in the comfort of our own agony, the Minster of Revenue found the contact information for the custodian on Google. The custodian arrived within the hour and let us into the building. We entered the school and collapsed at the heath of the innards of Kelvin High School, knowing we would survive to debate again.

Reconciliation Fund

This year Youth Parliament of Manitoba began a new initiative called the Reconciliation Fund, with the aim to increase accessibility to Indigenous youth. We are excited to announce the success of this fund in raising over $4000, meaning up to ten Indigenous members can come to Winter Session free of cost. This includes the cost of registration, food, travel, and clothing.

We would like to thank the efforts of the organizations, schools, and dedicated community members that helped to make the Reconciliation Fund a reality. Further, we would like to thank our Minister of Reconciliation, Ronald Gamblin for his pivotal work with this initiative.

Announcing our Lieutenant Governor and Honourary President

Youth Parliament of Manitoba is delighted to announce that our Honorary President for this upcoming session will be the 29th Speaker of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly and former Transcona MLA, the Honourable Daryl Reid. First elected in 1990, Mr. Reid served for 26 years, until the most recent provincial election earlier this year when he chose not to seek re-election.

Additionally, we are honoured to welcome Dr. Kristel van Ineveld as the Lieutenant Governor for the 95th Winter Session. An esteemed physician, Dr. van Ineveld currently serves as Associate Professor in the Section of Geriatric Medicine within the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Manitoba. She currently practices primarily out of St. Boniface Hospital as the medical lead for the Geriatrics Program where her focus is on outpatient care and outreach. This is not the first time that Dr. van Ineveld will make an appearance at the Youth Parliament of Manitoba as she served as both Member and Parliamentary Secretary in the 58-60th Winter Sessions alongside Darren Praznik and Graham Steele among others.