Month: November 2011

90 year to be proud of

It gives me great pleasure to greet you as Premier of the 90th Youth Parliament of Manitoba as preparations for our 90th Winter Session begin in earnest. Although your time as a member of YPM has past, each of you has played a part in YPM’s rich history. The approach of our 90th Winter Session gives us an opportunity to reflect on what we each have taken away from our experience in YPM, and likewise how we contributed to its history.

The current Parliamentary Executive and Cabinet are hard at work planning our historic 90th Session. This Winter Session we hope to reunite as many former Youth Parliamentarians as we can at our Annual Bear Pit and Alumni Reception, to take place on December 28th, 2011. Whether you were in YPM 5, 10, or 20 years ago, we hope you take this opportunity to renew your connection with YPM and with the friends you made during your time in the organization.

Darren Haber
Premier (Chairperson)
90th Youth Parliament of Manitoba

How do you Celebrate Nine Decades?… together!

As part of the planning for this year’s milestone session, the YPM Executive and Cabinet would like to host a commemorative event on December 28th as part of the annual Bear Pit. However, as we haven’t exactly been the only ones running the show for the last 90 years, we feel it’s just not our event to plan. So, we would love your input in the process!

We have discussed a number of ideas, but are now looking for a way to really make this evening special. Do you have any ideas? Maybe even want to help out with planning the event? Drop me a line at and let’s talk about it!!! Our plan is to blend a commemorative event with the annual Bear Pit by extending the reception afterwards, and transforming the rotunda into a “Walk through YPM’s Past”. The organization has such wonderful and extensive archival material (at the Manitoba Archives), it’s such a shame it’s hasn’t been viewed more.

So there you have it – a sneak peek at what awaits you at this year’s session of Youth Parliament of Manitoba. Take this chance to really reconnect with the organization, and to mark a very important time in the history of our historic institution. We love hearing from alumni and getting your feedback, so send it my way! (Seriously, love your feedback!)

All the best,

Darcy Vermeulen
Speaker (Past-Chairperson)
90th Youth Parliament of Manitoba