About YPM

What is YPM?

Youth Parliament of Manitoba (YPM) is the longest consecutively-running youth parliament in Canada, having held sessions since 1922. We are a non-partisan, non-denominational, and incorporated registered charity.


Our mission is to foster amongst the youth of Manitoba an understanding of, interest in, and engagement with the Canadian democratic parliamentary process that would enable their active participation in society as responsible citizens. In so doing, YPM strives to encourage the growth of the individual and their abilities through their exposure to a diversity of ideas and perspectives and the fellowship of their peers.


What We Do

Every year, YPM holds a model parliamentary session at the Manitoba Legislative Building. This event, called Session, takes place overnight between December 26-31. All Manitoban youth aged 16-20 are invited to sit as members at Session, where they will be taking part in stimulating debate on a broad range of issues relevant to youth. Members will have the opportunity to voice their opinions concerning the proposed legislation and develop amendments to improve them.


Session is not only for students interested in politics or debating; it’s for all young people who want to improve their public speaking, meet other people their age from across the province, and much more! Even if you know nothing about politics or the parliamentary process, Session is a great way for you to take the first step towards being an engaged, informed citizen.

Who We Are

YPM is run according to our motto, “By Youth, For Youth.” The organization is run by five elected members of our board of directors, who are all between the ages of 18 and 25 and are directly elected by and from the membership.


The success of Session is also contingent on YPM’s Cabinet, our organizing committee. Cabinet consists of around 20 members named by the Executive. Their duties span all aspects of running Session, from food preparation, to public relations, to drafting the legislation to be debated.


Members of YPM come from all corners of the province. All youth between 16-20 are eligible to register as members. YPM does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sex, sexual orientation, ability, financial status, religion, or ideological beliefs.