Month: October 2013

YPM Hosts Networking Event

It’s been two months since the first cabinet meeting, and preparations for the 92nd Winter Session are well under way. YPM hosted its first plus-one event last Saturday, in which members of Cabinet invited friends and prospective backbenchers to join them on a very successful outing to A Maze in Corn. We also look forward to setting up displays at career fairs and debate tournaments in the near future. Many are already signing up for session, and the early bird deadline is less than two weeks away (November 11th), so sign up now!

Find a cabinet member if you’d like to get a discount code for registration, and we hope to see you at session!

Brunch Honouring Muriel Smith

On September 22nd, Mikol Markiw, House Leader, and Stephanie Fennell, the Parliamentary Secretary to Alumni Affairs, attended a brunch at the Fort Garry Hotel honouring Muriel Smith. Put on by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternative, it recognized Mrs. Smith in her incredible contributions to the community as an activist, feminist, community leader and educator. Keynote speaker Howard Pawley gave a rousing speech about working with her, her courage and her contributions. Mikol and Stephanie attended to support her as this years Lieutenant-Governor of YP. We are incredibly proud to have her as part of our organization this year, and looking forward to working with her this winter.