The Sound of Silence

As debate continues to rage, the smoke of rhetoric begins to settle with the defeat of the Registrar General’s Cashless Society Act. With the Member from Oshawa’s passing of the Red Dress Act, the Chamber echoed with the sounds of passionate speakers. We were reminded today of the importance of silence and what Youth Parliament stands for. 

During Bearpit, our esteemed guests reminded us that politics is not just confined to the Chamber we sit in, rather it encapsulates how we see the world and how the world sees us. At lunch, members of the Progressive Conservative graced us with their presence and their experiences in government. Our distinguished clerk reminded all members that the most beneficial way to bring change to the world is the listen and not talk. The Honourable Wayne Ewasko, Kelvin Goertzen, and Kevin Klein gave us their unique perspectives on politics and gave a range of useful pieces of advice, reminding all members of the importance to seize every opportunity and to respect everyone’s opinion for the sake of our democracy and country.  

As the day winds to a close, over half of Session is now complete. We were inspired by our honorable guests, and we thank them for their presence. To end with their message: Let us be the change we wish to see in the world.

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