YPM invites community members to fill three dignitary roles:

  • the Honorary President; and
  • The Lieutenant Governor;
  • the Elder/Traditional Knowledge Keeper.

Lieutenant Governor

Each year, the board of directors invites a distinguished member of the community (in recent years, often a former member) to act as the Lieutenant Governor (LG). The LG officially opens and prorogues the session, reads the Speech from the Throne, and makes a brief presentation to the membership.

YearSessionLieutenant Governor
19221George H. Stewart
19232John Martin
19243J. H. Dowler
19254R. G. Taylor
19265The Hon. F. M. Black
19276Judge F. A. E. Hamilton
19287J. L. Bathgate
19298Dr. John Mackay
19309Prof. Watson Kirkconnell
193110Magistrate R. B. Graham
193211C. R. Sayer
193312Canon H. G. G. Herkots
193413Rev. J. W. Clarke
193514Rev. J. W. Little
193615B. V. Richardson
193716C. E. Stockdill
193817C. N. Halstead
193918E. J. J. Glenesk
194019The Hon. Sidney Earle Smith, PC
194120A. C. Campbell
194221Prof. A.. R. Cragg
194322Rev. George A. MacMillan
194423Dr. Robert Fletcher
194524The Hon. D. C. McKenzie
194625Arch. J. Barr
194726John A. M. Edwards
194827E. H. Morgan
194928C. H. P. Killick
195029Prof. R. Fletcher
195130Dr. W. C. Graham
195231Nelson McEwen
195332Mayor N. J. Black
195433Canon L. F. Wilmont
195534H. L. Mackinnon
195635Dr. W. C. Lockhart
195736C. G. Carter
195837T. M. Miller
195938Dr. H. H. Saunderson
196039Dr. Earl J. Treusch
196140D. L. Campbell
196241Prof. W. L. Morton
196342The Hon. Stanley H. Knowles, PC
196443Rev. J. O. Anderson
196544The Hon. Errick Willis
196645Dr. D. B. Macdonald
196746Bishop Antoine Hacault
196847Magistrate Isaac Rice
196948Dr. George Johnson
197049Dean C. Edwards
197150Charles Hubband
197251Rev. D. O. Reece
197352Juiles Koteles
197453Dr. Ben Hog
197554Muriel Smith
197655Judge Peter Teraska
197756The Rt. Hon. Edward Schreyer, PC, CC, CMM, OM, CD
197857Paul DuVal, Sr.
197958The Hon. Lloyd Axworthy, PC, OC, OM
198059Olga Fuga
198160Judge Graeme Carson
198261Dr. Carl Ridd
198362The Hon. Gildas Molgat, PC
198463William Norrie, CM, OM, QC
198564The Hon. William Blaikie, PC, MP
198665Gary Filmon
198766The Hon. Sharon Carstairs, PC
198867Dr. Jack London, QC
198968Howard Pawley, PC, QC
199069The Hon. Murray Sinclair, CC, OC, MSC
199170Waldron Fox-Decent, CM, CMM, OM, CD
199271Gary Doer
199372Terry Duguid
199473Philip Weiss
199574Bruce C. Daniels
199675Dr. Robert J. Young
199776Richard Cloutier
199877Darren Praznik
199978Dr. Donald Bailey
200079John Perry
200180Patricia Chaychuck
200281Ann Thompson Courchene
200382Erminia Johannson
200483Philip Reece
200584Dave Najduch
200685Bob Haverluck
200786Dr. Bruce W. Warner
200887Mark Matz
200988Andrew Treusch
201089Ruth Wilson
201190Darcy Rollins
201291Donna Chanas
201392Muriel Smith
201493Sachit Mehra
201594Clif Evans
201695Dr. Kristel van Ineveld
201796Paulo Fernandes
201897Dr. Aimée Craft
201998Amy Dhillon
202099Stu Olmstead
2021100Dr. Brent Roussin
2022101The Hon. Murray Sinclair, CC, OC, MSC
2023102Dr. Katie Szilagyi

Honorary President

The Honorary President (HP) is a prominent citizen of Manitoba who serves as an advisor for the organization. At Session, they attend the opening and closing ceremonies.

YearSessionHonorary President
200281William Norrie
200382Shirley Liba
200483Susan A. Thompson
200584Peter St. John, 9th Earl of Orkney
200685The Rt. Hon. Edward Schreyer
200786Muriel Smith
200887Gordon Sinclair Jr.
200988Reginald B. Alcock
201089Reginald B. Alcock
201190Reginald B. Alcock & Bill Blaikie
201291Bill Blaikie
201392Patricia Chaychuk
201493Patricia Chaychuk
201594Patricia Chaychuk
201695Daryl Reid
201796Jerry Storie
201897Jerry Storie
201998Jerry Storie
202099Jerry Storie
2021100Jerry Storie
2022101Alan Campbell
2023102Alan Campbell

Elder/Traditional Knowledge Keeper

The Elder/Traditional Knowledge Keeper advises the organization on reconciliation with Indigenous peoples in Manitoba. At Session, they conduct a traditional Indigenous teaching on the first and last days.

201796Garry McLeanElder
201897Garry McLeanElder
201998Clayton SandyTraditional Knowledge Keeper
202099Clayton SandyTraditional Knowledge Keeper
2021100Clayton SandyTraditional Knowledge Keeper
2022101Geraldine (Gramma) ShingooseTraditional Knowledge Keeper
2023102Winston WuttuneeTraditional Knowledge Keeper