Month: December 2013

YPM Elects its 93rd Executive

Following the closing ceremonies for the 92nd Winter Session, Youth Parliament of Manitoba elected the board of executives for its 93rd annual Winter Session Monday night. The organization’s 93rd Board of Directors will be:

Chairperson (Premier): Brent Hardy
Past Chairperson (Speaker): Andrew Jones
Deputy Chairperson (Deputy Premier): Kamal Dhillon
Director of Finance (Deputy Speaker): Mikol Markiw
Director of Procedures (House Leader): Joseph Broda

Joseph Broda, a three year veteran of Youth Parliament and the author of the Progressive Energy Development act is a graduate of St. Paul’s High School and a third year chemical engineering student at McGill University. He will begin his tenure as House Leader in February.

The 92nd Winter Session has been a resounding success for all participants. We look forward to the 93rd Session and wish the new Executive all the best.

Young Parliamentarians Wrap Up 92nd Winter Session

The 92nd Session of Youth Parliament of Manitoba will be concluding its debates on Monday. As of Sunday evening, The Public Schools Act, The Social Development Act and The Progressive Energy Development Act have all been passed by the house. Left to be debated are The Healthy Society Act and The Prison Abolishment Act. The Career Education Act, however, did not pass the House.

The Prison Abolishment Act attempts to revolutionize public perception of criminal offenders. It achieves this goal by eliminating all prisons in favor of rehabilitation centres, based on the Bastoy prison model. These centres would be placed in urban areas, so as to allow prisoners to have as much interaction with society as possible.

Youth Parliament Prepares to Vote on Education Reform

Youth from across the province are wrapping up their final debates on a wide array of educational reforms, and are excited to finally put the legislation to a vote!

The Public Schools Act aims to abolish all private schools, thereby creating a nationalized education system. The Career Education Act seeks to refocus the high school curriculum on the future employability of Canadian graduates. The Social Development Act institutes a series of workshops and classes meant to aid students in performing real life tasks, such as paying taxes and building a resume. On a separate note, the Progressive Energy Development Act will also be voted on today.

AFMMLA To Host Annual YPM Bear Pit

Past parliamentarians, including Youth Parliament’s former Honorary President Hon. Bill Blaikie will participate in a panel discussion in the legislative assembly on Saturday night. The other panelists are Jim Downey and Harold Taylor. Additionally, Darren Haber, last year’s Speaker of YPM, will be inducted into the Senate.

Hosted by the Association of Former Manitoba Members of the Legislative Assembly (AFMMLA), the annual Bear Pit is an opportunity for Manitoba youth to interact with former leaders and become more acquainted with the parliamentary process.

During the day, members will have the chance to debate the Prison Abolishment Act. This bill aims to reduce the stigma associated with incarceration, emphasizing rehabilitation, and offering supports to prisoners in order to achieve this goal.

Gearing Up For Day 2!

After a successful first day consisting of both ceremony and rousing debate, Manitoba’s youth prepare to return to the legislature early Friday morning!

Among the bills being debated is the Progressive Energy Development Act. This act seeks to phase out the sale of all gasoline-powered vehicles in Canada by 2028 in favor of alternative energy. Joseph Broda, Minister of Finance and the bill’s presenter, aims to promote innovation in Canadian industry by incentivizing companies to develop green technology.

We will also be debating the Social Development Act, the Career Education Act, and the Healthy Society Act.

92nd Winter Session set to begin!

Youth Parliament of Manitoba is delighted to announce the opening of our 92nd Winter Session. Young people from across the province will arrive at the legislature to debate several contentious issues, including the abolishment of prisons and education reform, among others.

 Opening ceremonies will take place on December 26th at 6:30pm in the legislative chamber. One bill will also be debated that evening, the Public Schools Act. Among other things, this bill proposes to ban private schools in favor of universal public education. The house will sit to debate this bill starting at 7:15pm.

Press Conference

YPM will be holding it’s annual press conference TODAY at 10am in the press room of the Manitoba Legislature. All Winnipeg press are invited. Look out for us on the Friday news!
In other news, the clock is ticking till the first day of session: 6 more days! We can’t wait to see everyone there!