Session is our flagship event. Youth from across Manitoba spend five days debating current issues in a model parliamentary setting. Session is a unique opportunity to interact with other passionate young people, be exposed to a variety of viewpoints and perspectives, and meet current and former politicians from the Manitoba Legislature and the House of Commons.

Our event is five full days, including overnights. Overnight activities include team-building, speech-writing, relaxing, and participating in low-organized games.

  • Date: December 26-31
  • Location (debate): Manitoba Legislative Building
  • Location (overnight): Kelvin High School
  • Age range: 16-20


Improve your public speaking skills

Session is a safe, encouraging environment to improve your public skills, whether you’re wanting to overcome a fear of public speaking or hone your debating skills. No prior knowledge of public speaking or politics is required — you can stand up and speak as many or as few times as you feel comfortable!

Build your skills and resume

After attending your first Session, you can apply to join our Cabinet. Through Cabinet, you can develop professional skills that you can apply in other areas of your life while helping run the organization. Volunteering with YPM is a great way to get involved and build your resume for scholarships, jobs, and other applications.

Learn about the parliamentary process

Are you interested in learning more about how government and democracy works? Are you thinking about working in politics, whether as a staffer, policy analyst, elected official, or similar? Whatever the case may be, YPM is a great opportunity to learn about the parliamentary process in a fun and engaging atmosphere!

Meet the leaders of our province

Every year, the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba, the New Democratic Party of Manitoba, and the Manitoba Liberal Party each sponsor a luncheon where members can meet and pose questions to the leaders of our province. You will also have the chance to gain insights from former MLAs and MPs during our “Bear Pit” panel, co-hosted with the Association of Former Manitoba MLAs.

Become a part of our storied history

YPM has a long and storied history. Some of the most prominent leaders of our province and country were once members of YPM in their youth. Join us and be a part of something great!

Most importantly, to have fun!

Finally, Session is a lot of fun! From Question Period silliness to rousing board game matches during the evening, you’ll leave Session counting down the days until next year!