Month: October 2015

YPM Attends Rainbow Resource Center’s Peer Project for Youth

On October 7th, members of YPM’s cabinet were invited to visit the Rainbow Resource Center to facilitate a debate with the Peer Project for Youth. The bill up for discussion was The Gender Equality Act, written by Alumnus (and former Provincial Secretary) Jonathan Northam.

After a round of introductions, Kamal (our Premier), Alanna (Registrar General), Michael (Minister of Alumni Affairs) and Taylor (PS to Finance) broke down the bill clause by clause so that everyone had an opportunity to learn about what the bill wanted to change. After some initial questions, everyone at PPY jumped in and started sharing opinions on what needed to be changed, what made sense, and what seemed to be counterintuitive to the bill’s intent.

Debate went on for over an hour and a half, with discussion on how the changes proposed would impact Canadian businesses, culture, and individual quality of life. Personal stories were shared to explain how diverse the trans* experience is, and to highlight the shortcomings of The Gender Equality Act. The youth at the PPY approached the bill with a sharp, critical focus – and were able to have their voice heard.

Our cabinet had a great time facilitating this debate and hope to see some familiar faces at this year’s Winter Session!

Peer Project for Youth meets Monday and Wednesdays from 7PM-9PM. PPY is a program that offers Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-Spirit, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, and Ally (LGBTTIQQA*) youth (13-21 years old) a safer, fun place to learn new skills, create projects and celebrate identities. Check out their Facebook Group for more information.

YPM and Friends Coffee House

October 9th, 10pm at MAKE coffee + stuff on Corydon, YPM & Friends hosted our first ever coffee house fundraiser. First note of the night was played by our (Min. of Labour) Mitch Van Ineveld who shared with us some of his favorite songs on guitar. He was soon joined with harmony by the lovely Emma, a friend.

The next act was a rhythmically complicated jazz saxophone duet by Daniel Denton (Min. of Rural Development) and Nolan Smith (Min. of Publications). The groove was definitely in the air. Sitting still was not an option, the runs alone… just fantastic! Following that, was The Hard Maybes who made their world debut! Made up of multiple cabinet members, the coffee house came alive with their musical renditions.

Everyone who performed did a wonderful job showing how diverse and talented the YP and friends community is. But hands down, our final act of the night, Holly and the Muse with our own Senator Beverly on Ukelele, stole the show. Their song was a hit and if you missed it, it can be heard in the hums of all  audience members who were in the crowd. Hopefully next time you will join us!

Our wonderful audience
Our wonderful audience
The Hard Maybes tuning!
The Hard Maybes tuning!
Our Saxophone dynamic duo
Our Saxophone dynamic duo

Youth Parliament attends AYO Politix Brainstorm

AYO and YP!

AYO Politix*and Youth Parliament came together for a thought provoking brainstorm this past Saturday. Michael Champagne guided the brainstorm with a focus on youth engagement in politics. Although, many like to focus on the issues surrounded around our government system and youth apathy; this discussion longed to take the more practical view.

Solutions was the path we wanted to discover, while avoiding the rocky road that is shifting blame. Just stating political “pot holes” in Winnipeg, Manitoba, or our Country is redundant and too easy of a route. The journey took us all to a place of reflection; we were able to discuss how to become brand ambassadors for politics. This includes encouraging others to take action while being aware!

Youth Parliament and AYO are continuing this wonderful partnership. We will be attending Meet Me at the Bell Tower this Friday, October 9. The discussion will be on mental health and awareness; come and be a part of this positive movement.

*Aboriginal Youth Opportunities (AYO) Politix happens every saturday at Neechi Commons and is a forum for all youth and voices to come discuss politics from many perspectives.