Board and Cabinet

The Executive

Youth Parliament of Manitoba Inc. is governed by a five-person board of directors, also known as the Executive. Each person is elected for a one-year term by the membership on the last day of Session. All directors are volunteers between the ages of 18 and 25.

The Executive is responsible for the administrative maintenance of YPM, such as renewing its charitable and corporation status, managing the endowment fund, running the website, and so on. There is no overhead supervision external to YPM’s board.

Premier – Jacob Harvey

Jacob joined YPM in the 96th Session as the Member from Delta. After the first day of debate, his wariness turned to inspiration as he saw so many brave youths speak on the issues that mattered to them. After a memorable first Session, Jacob was sure he wanted to join Cabinet. In the 97th year, Jacob joined Cabinet as the Armstrong Whip, and greatly enjoyed waking members up every morning to get on the bus. He then went on to become the Minister of Human Resources in YPM’s 98th year, writing and passing a bill introducing a national Universal Basic Income.

Also in his fourth year of a Biosystems Engineering degree, Jacob hopes to eventually work in the field of industrial microbiology. Though he is a scientist at heart, he also has an interest in public policy — he believes a combination of progressive technology and policy is necessary to combat environmental threats.

As Premier, Jacob serves as the Chairperson. The Premier’s responsibilities include overseeing YPM’s strategic direction; coordinating the planning of Session; and presiding over meetings of the Executive, Cabinet, and general membership.

Speaker – Nina Lam

Nina joined YPM in the 94th Session as the Member from Etobicoke North. She served as the P.S. to Public Relations, then the Minister of Human Resources, before subsequently becoming elected to the Executive.

Throughout her time in YPM, Nina’s contributions include redesigning the website, establishing YPM’s CRM framework, and institutionalizing practices to organize and update everything from inboxes to operations manuals. Her other priorities have included maintaining a close relationship with the AFMMLA and expanding school division partnerships.

Nina did her Master in Development Studies at the Geneva Graduate Institute. She previously completed her B.A. (Adv.) in Global Political Economy at the University of Manitoba.

As Speaker, Nina serves as the Past Chairperson. The Speaker’s responsibilities include maintaining relationships with YPM’s alumni network, facilitating the bill-writing process, and presiding over sittings and debate at Session.

Deputy Speaker – Alexa Mucyo Kayonga

Alexa first joined YPM in the 96th Session and presented bills as the Minister of Finance and Registrar General before being elected to the Executive in 2021. She is currently a fourth-year undergraduate student in Economics at the University of Manitoba, and is passionate about public policy in the areas of health and environmental economics.

Alexa is a proud francophone and enjoys spending summer evenings at Folklorama’s African Pavilion in Winnipeg. She spent a number of years practicing Chinese kung fu, and through that developed a desire to learn Mandarin which she continues to study.

As Deputy Speaker, Alexa serves as the Director of Finance. The Deputy Speaker’s responsibilities include managing YPM’s finances, corporate relations, and coordinating the financial aid programs.

Deputy Premier – Josephine Zhao

Josephine joined the Youth Parliament of Manitoba in 2018. She began as a Backbencher in the 97th Session and served recently as the Minister of Labour, before being elected to the Executive in 2021. After graduating from Fort Richmond Collegiate, she began her studies of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manitoba. She served on her faculty’s student council as a first-year representative, and now as the Head Director of Academic Advocacy. She is also on a satellite student team learning to develop a nanosatellite.

Josephine loves astronomy, reading (especially sci-fi and fantasy books), and is a big fan of an array of different music genres; so don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with her! After spending five years in Cadets, Josephine still likes to hang around in the airfield. She enjoys the outdoors; going for a hike or being by the lake has always been her favourite activities.

As Deputy Premier, Josephine serves as the Vice-Chairperson. The Deputy Premier’s responsibilities include overseeing YPM’s recruitment strategy, external relations, and communications strategy; and managing the registration framework for Session.

House Leader – Xiao Zhang

Xiao first joined YPM as the member from La Prairie in the 98th Session. He joined Cabinet in the 99th Session as the Minister of Supply and Service, and then presented the Online Video Game Regulation Act as the Minister of Revenue in the 100th Session.

Xiao graduated from Westgate Mennonite Collegiate and is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Winnipeg. He is also taking several health science courses and hoping to incorporate modern technology into the healthcare field. In his free time, he enjoys exploring nature around the beautiful lakes of Manitoba, especially camping, hiking, canoeing and snowshoeing. Whenever he’s not outdoors, he loves playing table tennis with his family and playing various video games with friends.

As House Leader, Xiao serves as the Director of Procedures. The House Leader’s responsibilities include overseeing the logistical planning and creating the schedule for Session.

The Cabinet

Cabinet is YPM’s volunteer organizing committee. Members of the previous year’s Session are eligible to apply for Cabinet.

Cabinet is divided into Upper Cabinet and Lower Cabinet. Five Upper Cabinet ministers, also known as bill-presenting ministers, write the legislation debated at Session.

Portfolios on Cabinet range from managing our social media, designing and marketing our merchandise, scheduling clerks and pages for Session, writing Session’s daily newspaper, and more!

Team Deputy Speaker

  • Ministry of Revenue: Cosette Beaudin
  • Ministry of Alumni Affairs: Pearson Singbeil Montgomery
  • Ministry of Defence: Donovan McIntosh
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs: Emily Gray, Rowan Hildebrand
  • Ministry of Supply and Service: Madison Jones, Hawa Bangura

Team Deputy Premier

  • Registrar General: Charlize Medina
  • Ministry of Communications: Myles Cesario
  • Ministry of External Affairs: Khushi Kalra, Rayid Abdullah
  • Ministry of Public Relations: Jourmae Abengoza, Bunny Davis-Holstein

Team House Leader

  • Ministry of Labour: Katherine Foster
  • Ministry of Publications: Sean Ticsay, Lien Huynh
  • Armstrong Whip: Devin Botar
  • Thompson Whip: Dujahn Kasas