Welcome to The Youth Parliamentarian

We decided to create The Youth Parliamentarian to bring the extended Youth Parliament of Manitoba (YPM) community together in a forum that encourages ongoing engagement and interaction. By using social media, we can extend our network across cyberspace; allowing for more regular updates about the goings-on of YPM. Many of our former members now live across Canada and beyond. It is our hope that we can stay in touch year-round outside of sessions or Speaker’s Night.

Whether you are an alum, a supporter or a first-year backbencher, YPM has impacted each of our lives in some way. This blog is a celebration of that impact. Do you want to know what’s happening during our debates? Maybe you wonder who is being honoured with our various recognitions? Perhaps you merely wish to stay informed when events are happening or someone in our community does something remarkable?

Our posts will include a mix of event and community features; from the latest announcements and stories to historical perspectives. Do you have something you’d like to share or see? Contact us through our website at www.ypmanitoba.ca/contact/ and we’ll chase that lede. Thank you for your continued interest in Youth Parliament of Manitoba.

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