For Teachers

YPM has benefited from strong partnerships with teachers around Manitoba to bring students to our organization. We hope to continue to cultivate strong and long-lasting partnerships with teachers across Manitoba to ensure that as many young Manitobans as possible benefit from our programs.

YPM is an incredible opportunity for engaged young people to become educated in the democratic process and grow as individuals. It is no coincidence that our alumni network includes Rhodes Scholars, prominent politicians, Ivy League graduates, and celebrated members of the community.

We want your students!

If you are a teacher in Manitoba, we would be happy to provide you with an informational package and posters that you can share with your students. Please contact us so that we can help you share our opportunities with your students! 

Teacher Appreciation Award

Every year, YPM honours a Manitoban teacher who has had a significant impact on our organization through their continuous support and encouragement of their students who attend session. Many of our members have indicated that they found out about our organization through a teacher who motivated them to register for Winter Session. YPM recognizes that without the support of these caring and passionate educators, it would be incredibly difficult to reach out to students and provide them with the information to take advantage of this valuable opportunity. Thank you!

Past Recipients

2007Richard GroverSt. Paul's High School
2008George ShadlockStonewall Collegiate
2009Julian HoyakMacGregor Collegiate Institute
2010Ed DowStonewall Collegiate
2011George HickesFormer Speaker of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly
2012Rhonda SmithBalmoral Hall School
2014Linda ConnorManitoba Education and Advanced Learning
2015Mark WaltersonLord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School
2016Matt HendersonMaples Met School