Winter Session

Winter Session is our premiere event. Youth from around the province spend five days debating social issues in a model parliamentary setting. Winter Session is a unique opportunity to interact with like-minded young people, be exposed to a variety of viewpoints and perspectives, and meet current and former politicians from the Manitoba Legislature and the House of Commons.

Please note that our event is five full days, including overnights. Overnight activities include team-building, speech-writing, relaxing, and participating in low-organized games.

Why come to Session?

Speak your mind in an encouraging atmosphere

Fight your fear of public speaking, or hone your debating skills. At Winter Session, all members can share their views on the legislation being debated in an encouraging environment. You can stand up and speak as many or as few times as you feel comfortable. One exception is that all new members must give a “Inaugural Speech,” a short speech on any topic of their choosing.

Meet young people from across the province

If you are reading this, then chances are, you are a young person looking to become more engaged in politics or the community. Good news: there are many more engaged young people like you! Half of the fun of Winter Session is meeting all of the other amazing members. You will meet people from all corners of the province and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

Build your résumé

Attending Winter Session is only the first step. After attending your first Winter Session, you can apply for Cabinet, our volunteer organizing committee. Through their efforts in planning and organizing session, members of Cabinet learn important skills that can be translated into many other areas. Participation in Cabinet is a great way of showing your engagement in the community while gaining skills that you can apply elsewhere.

Meet the leaders of our province

YPM is very fortunate to have the continued support of the Progressive Conservative Party, New Democratic Party, and Manitoba Liberal Party. Every year, each party sponsors a luncheon where members are given the opportunity to meet and pose questions to prominent Manitoban politicians.

Learn about the parliamentary process

Do you have political ambitions? Are you interested in learning more about how government works? Whatever the case may be, YPM is a great opportunity to learn about the parliamentary process in an atmosphere of fun and collegiality!

Become a part of our storied history

YPM has a long and storied history. Some of the most prominent and influential members of our community were members of YPM. Join us and be a part of something great!

Most importantly, to have fun!

On top of everything mentioned above, Winter Session is a lot of fun! After a day debating legislation and meeting politicians, our members have a chance to unwind and hang out. Countless long-lasting friendships will be formed hanging out and getting to know the other members after a day of debating.

Convinced? Register today and join us this winter!