Gearing Up For Day 2!

After a successful first day of ceremony and rousing debate, Manitoba’s youth prepare to return to the legislature early Friday morning.

Among the bills being debated is the Progressive Energy Development Act. This act seeks to phase out the sale of all gasoline-powered vehicles in Canada by 2028 in favor of alternative energy. Joseph Broda, Minister of Finance and the bill’s presenter, aims to promote innovation in Canadian industry by incentivizing companies to develop green technology.

We will also be debating the Social Development Act, the Career Education Act, and the Healthy Society Act.

92nd Winter Session set to begin!

Youth Parliament of Manitoba is delighted to announce the opening of our 92nd Winter Session. Youths from across the province will arrive at the legislature to debate several contentious issues, including the abolishment of prisons and education reform, among others. Opening ceremonies will take place December 26th at 6:30pm in the legislative chamber.
One bill will also be debated that evening, the Public Schools Act. Among other things, this bill proposes to ban private schools in favor of universal public education. The house will sit to debate this bill starting at 7:15pm.

Press Conference

YPM will be holding it’s annual press conference TODAY at 10am in the press room of the Manitoba Legislature. All Winnipeg press are invited. Look out for us on the Friday news!
Session countdown: 6 days! Can’t wait to see everyone then!

Remembrance Day message from YPM

As we enjoy the long weekend, Youth Parliament of Manitoba would like to remind everyone to take a moment of silence out of our busy lives to remember the brave men and women who have fought for this country in the past, and to keep in our thoughts those who are doing so now.

Lest we forget.

An Update from YPM

It’s been two months since the first cabinet meeting, and preparations for the 92nd Winter Session are well under way. Last Saturday, October 19th was YPM’s first plus-one event, in which members of Cabinet invited friends and prospective backbenchers to join them on a very successful outing to A Maze in Corn. We also look forward to setting up displays at career fairs and debate tournaments in the near future. Many are already signing up for session, and the early bird deadline is less than two weeks away (November 11th), so sign up now!

Find a cabinet member if you’d like to get a discount code for registration, and we hope to see you at session!

Brunch Honouring Muriel Smith

L-R Mikol Markiw, Muriel Smith, and Stephanie Fennell.

On September 22nd, Mikol Markiw, House Leader, and Stephanie Fennell, PS to AA, attended a brunch at the Fort Garry Hotel honouring Muriel Smith. Put on by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternative, it recognized Mrs. Smith in her incredible contributions to the community as an activist, feminist, community leader and educator. Keynote speaker Howard Pawley gave a rousing speech about working with her, her courage and her contributions. Mikol and Stephanie attended to support her as this years Lieutenant-Governor of YP. We are incredibly proud to have her as our LG this year, and looking forward to working with her this winter.

Muriel Smith Named Lieutenant-Governor

The Board of Directors of the Youth Parliament of Manitoba is pleased to announce that Muriel Smith has accepted the post of Lieutenant-Governor for the organizations 92nd Winter Session.

Smith has had a long and celebrated career as a Manitoba politician. First elected to the Legislature in 1981, becoming Canada’s first female Deputy Premier in the same year. During her seven years as MLA, she held the portfolios of Status of Women, Labor and Housing, and Economic Development, among others. In 2007, Smith was also inducted as an Officer of the Order of Canada. Within YPM, she was the Honorary President in 2007, during the organization’s 86th Session.

Patricia Chaychuk Named 92nd Honorary President

The Board of Directors of Youth Parliament of Manitoba (YPM)  is pleased to announce that Patricia Chaychuk has accepted the post of Honorary President for YPM’s 92nd Session.

Chaychuk was appointed the first female Clerk of the Legislative Assembly in 2000. Within YPM, she was the Premier of the 64th Session, Lieutenant-Governor of the 80th Session and the Alumni Achievement Award winner in 2004.

YPM would also like to thank Bill Blaikie for his service to the organization. Registration will soon be open for the 92nd annual Winter Session, to be held once again at the Manitoba Legislature.

Back to School

As the summer winds to a close, Youth Parliament of Manitoba would like to wish all Manitoba students, whether in high school or university, a great start to the new school year. New years always bring with them hopes of new growth and development – as people, as leaders, and as learners. An integral part of YPM’s mission is to help support this development in all Manitoban students.


Registration for YPM’s 92nd Winter Session will be open shortly! Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to stay up to find out when.

First Cabinet Meeting

Our 92nd cabinet kicked off their first official planning session on August 25th. Ready and willing to make the 92nd Session the best one, members were enthusiastically putting forward ideas for recruitment strategies and YP events. Registration will be opening soon-check here for more updates on all thing YP92!