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Hey everyone,

Be sure to keep an eye out for our advertisement in the Winnipeg Free Press this upcoming weekend. This is also serves as a reminder that Speaker’s Night is just around the corner, so be sure to get you tickets while they last. You have until April 12 to purchase your tickets which can be done online here.  The event is shaping up to be an excellent evening and we hope you will join us. If you would like to support the event and our organization, but are unable to attend you have the option of giving a donation or buying a sponsor-a-member ticket for which the recipient will be drawn from our current membership. Both of these can be done online as well. We look forward to seeing all those who attend on the 17th!

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Speaker’s Night One Month Away

Time sure flies, and now Speaker’s Night 2014 Presented by the Winnipeg Free Press is only one month away. Everything is coming together and it is shaping up to be an excellent evening. We appreciate the support of all who plan on attending and look forward to seeing what our keynote address from Sylvia Kuzyk will entail. Don’t miss your opportunity to attend this fabulous event and support a worthy cause, get your tickets while they last!


Speaker’s Night 2014 Now Presented by the Winnipeg Free Press

We are proud to announce that Speaker’s Night 2014 is now presented by the Winnipeg Free Press. Youth Parliament of Manitoba appreciates the continued support of the Free Press. It is an honour to have such a reputable institution within the Manitoba community take an interest in our organization and the events we hold. The Winnipeg Free Press is a recurring supporter of both our annual Winter Session and Speaker’s Night. Keep an eye out for the appearance of our advertisement in the near future.


A Few Words on our Keynote Speaker for Speaker’s Night 2014

Writing on behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express how thrilled and honoured we are to have Ms. Sylvia Kuzyk join us this year as our keynote speaker for the Youth Parliament of Manitoba’s annual Speaker’s Night gala.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Sylvia at the 2012 YM/YWCA Women of Distinction Awards dinner. It was my good fortune to be seated next to her at a table occupied by several outstanding women who, through the course of their personal lives and careers, have had a positive and long-lasting impact on their communities and various vocational domains. Sylvia immediately struck me as a very kind, genuine, intelligent, caring and committed individual. Her calm demeanour and inviting personality have set her apart from countless others working in the extremely fast paced and competitive news industry.

Sylvia’s passion for community involvement and engagement was always apparent in her work.  Her superior public speaking skills, awareness of challenges and issues affecting youth today and advocacy of solutions are only a few of the reasons why she is a fitting keynote speaker for our community event. Her ability to overcome obstacles such as gender stereotypes in the early stages of her career and consistent determination to provide quality news service to her legions of viewers are evidence that Sylvia is both a highly skilled and motivated individual. She is an exceptional leader and role model for the youth of our province, in particular those wishing to pursue a career in journalism and news broadcasting.

Youth Parliament of Manitoba would like to recognize Sylvia’s personal and professional contribution to her community not only as a pioneer of quality journalism but also as an engaged citizen who is committed to fostering an atmosphere of empathy and support in the lives of others.

We are looking forward to hear Sylvia deliver her keynote address on the evening of April 17th. Please consider joining us, or sponsoring a ticket for a YPM member, as it is sure to be a memorable evening. Ticketing and more information can be found here.

Kamal Dhillon
Deputy Premier (Vice-Chairperson)

Announcing Details for Speaker’s Night 2014

Youth Parliament is happy to announce the details for Speaker’s Night 2014, our annual fundraising gala and community event. The details for this year’s event are as follows:

Date: Thursday, April 17, 2014
Cocktails: 5:30
Dinner: 7:00
Location: Winnipeg Winter Club
Keynote Speaker: Sylvia Kuzyk
Master of Ceremonies: Patricia Chaychuk
Tickets: $100.00
Sponsor a Member Ticket: $100.00

The event serves not only as a fundraising opportunity but a venue for members, alumni, community members, family and friends to gather to commemorate the history and stories of the organization and to celebrate the achievements of alumni. We look forward to seeing all those who join us on what promises to be an excellent evening!


Path to YPM 93 Begins

With a successful 92nd Winter Session behind us it is now time to begin looking forward to the 93rd Winter Session. Over the weekend our Executive transitioned into their new roles and conducted their first meeting. All are excited with the prospects that 2014 brings and are ready to get to work on the journey towards our 93rd Winter Session.  With great optimism, Youth Parliament of Manitoba steps into its new organizational year which promises to be just as exciting and fruitful as the last. Many thanks go to our members, alumni, dignitaries, sponsors and other supporters who continue to make this organization a successful one. It is hoped we can continue to count on their involvement. Here’s to an excellent YPM 93 and an amazing experience for all of those to be involved! We look forward to what 2014 has in store for Youth Parliament of Manitoba.

Also be sure to check back shortly as some exciting news about Speaker’s Night 2014 will be available soon.

YPM Elects its 93rd Executive

R-L Andrew Jones (Speaker), Brent Hardy (Premier), Kamal Dhillon (Deputy Premier), Mikol Markiw (Deputy Speaker), Joey Broda (House Leader)
L-R Andrew Jones (Speaker), Brent Hardy (Premier), Kamal Dhillon (Deputy Premier), Mikol Markiw (Deputy Speaker), Joey Broda (House Leader)

Following the closing ceremonies for the 92nd Winter Session, Youth Parliament of Manitoba elected the board of executives for its 93rd annual Winter Session Monday night. The organization’s 93rd Board of Directors will be:

Chairperson (Premier): Brent Hardy
Past Chairperson (Speaker): Andrew Jones
Deputy Chairperson (Deputy Premier): Kamal Dhillon
Director of Finance (Deputy Speaker): Mikol Markiw
Director of Procedures (House Leader): Joseph Broda

Broda, a three year veteran of Youth Parliament and the author of the Progressive Energy Development act is a graduate of St. Paul’s High School and a third year chemical engineering student at McGill University. He will begin his tenure as House Leader in February.

The 92nd Winter Session has been a resounding success for all participants. We look forward to the 93rd Session and wish the new Executive all the best.

Young Parliamentarians Wrap Up 92nd Winter Session

The 92nd Session of Youth Parliament of Manitoba will be concluding its debates on Monday. As of Sunday evening, The Public Schools Act, The Social Development Act and The Progressive Energy Development Act have all been passed by the house. Left to be debated are The Healthy Society Act and The Prison Abolishment Act. The Career Education Act, however, did not pass the House.

The Prison Abolishment Act attempts to revolutionize public perception of criminal offenders. It achieves this goal by eliminating all prisons in favor of rehabilitation centres, based on the Bastoy prison model. These centres would be placed in urban areas, so as to allow prisoners to have as much interaction with society as possible.

Youth Parliament ready to vote on Education Reform

Youth from across the province are preparing to conclude their debates on a wide array of educational reforms, and are excited to finally put the legislation to a vote.

The Public Schools Act aims to abolish al private schools and create a nationalized system of education. The Career Education Act seeks to refocus the high school curriculum on the future employability of Canadian graduates. The Social Development Act institutes a series of workshops and classes meant to aid students in performing real life tasks, such as paying taxes and building a resume. The Progressive Energy Development Act will also be voted on today.

AFMMLA To Host Annual YPM Bear Pit

Past parliamentarians, including Youth Parliament’s former Honorary President Hon. Bill Blaikie will participate in a panel discussion in the legislative assembly on Saturday night. The other panelists are Jim Downey and Harold Taylor. Darren Haber, last year’s Speaker of YPM, will be inducted into the Senate.

Hosted by the Association of Former Manitoba Members of the Legislative Assembly (AFMMLA), the annual Bear Pit is an opportunity for Manitoba youth to interact with former leaders and become more acquainted with the parliamentary process.

During the day, members will have the chance to debate the Prison Abolishment Act. This Act aims to reduce the stigma associated with incarceration, while offering supports to prisoners. It outlines a system that emphasizes rehabilitation.