YPM Website Renewal

A major update to Youth Parliament of Manitoba’s website is long overdue.  Plans have been in the works for a few years but for a variety of reasons the major changes we wanted to implement had to be put on the shelf.

A few months ago, Youth Parliament of Manitoba launched a blog titled “The Youth Parliamentarian” at this address.  Using WordPress, we were able to easily implement a new, compelling, and interactive way of sharing content on the web for all to see.  With the experience creating the blog fresh in our memory we have decided that now is a perfect time to move forward with a major update to our website.

Over the next weeks and months, we will be transferring content over from our old website (currently at www.ypmanitoba.ca) to this website (blog.ypmanitoba.ca).  You should notice that a number of pages have already been added.  Once the content is completely transferred, we will archive our old website and migrate this website over to our main url (www.ypmanitoba.ca).  The blog will then simply be one of the many page on our website, and a perfect way of staying up-to-date on all YPM-related news.

We look forward to feedback from the YPM community once this transition is completed.

What can we do in 90 hours?

YPM will celebrating its 90th session this coming December.  As we celebrate the past we must look to the future to ensure that YPM is able to continue its mission for another 90 years.  By building a reliable source of income for future generations, the endowment fund will help YPM survive and thrive for generations to come.

Between now and midnight on April 21st any donations made online to our Endowment Fund will be matched by the Winnipeg Foundation.  The matching funds are donated to YPM’s operating budget, so there is no better time to support YPM, for today and for the future.

Please click on the banner above to donate.  Any amount is appreciated, from $2 to $20 to $200.  Thank you.

Darren Haber
Premier of the 90th Youth Parliament of Manitoba

Speaker’s Night – A Grand New Tradition

With the 4th Annual Speaker’s Night Fundraising Dinner now wrapped up, we turn back to reflect on another wonderful event. Bringing alumni, current members and the Manitoba political and business community together, Speaker’s Night has provided YPM with the funds it needs to operate on a yearly basis, as well as take on exciting new opportunties like developing the organizations Spring Session in Brandon, MB as well as successfully hosting the Western Canada Youth Parliament.

We’d like to thank all those who came out to attend the event! Darren Praznik (55th to 62nd) delivered an insighful keynote address, touching on the disengagement currently plaguing this country. It was of course not all serious business, as friends across sessional years connected and mingled in the beautiful windowed room of the Radisson Hotel downtown. With the organization’s Honourary President Reg Alcock emceeing the event, it didn’t take long for laughter to erupt across the room. If you weren’t able to attend, you truly missed a great event. Please check out our photo gallery to see some highlights from the night.

As Speaker this year and soon to be alumni, I have to confess how wondeful it is to see such loyal and supportive alumni. While we all may go our separate ways once leaving the organization, this is where we first were inspired to stand up to speak. This is where our shaky hands slowly steadied as we grew more confident in telling others just exactly how we thought. YPM embarks on its 90th Winter Session this December. This longevity would not be possible without continued support and financial contributions of great individuals like our alumni.

Speaker’s Night, a chance to reconnect

The goal of Speaker’s Night is to commemorate the history and stories of YPM as well as celebrate the achievements of our alumni.  Most importantly, the goal of the evening is to bring past members together so that they can reconnect.  YPM is so remarkable in large part because of the friendships that are forged between the remarkable young people who become actively involved in the organization.

With the 4th annual Speaker’s Night only one short week away, I want to urge every single member of the broad YPM community to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to reconnect with old friends while celebrating the organization that has brought us all together.  Call up some old YPM friends and ask them if they’re going to Speaker’s Night, it’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect!

A look back on the 89th Parliament

Since my first day as a backbencher at the 82nd Winter Session, I have witnessed so many organizational changes. When I hear the stories of our alumni, who have long since moved on from their days as youth parliamentarians, I cannot help but marvel at the ongoing evolutions of this Manitoban institution over the last nine decades. This past year was no exception.

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The Yeas and Nays Have It

Today marked the second last day of our session, and the third reading and concurrence of both the Democratic Renewal Act, the Personal Liberty Act, Natural Resource Management Act, and the Family Law Act. There was fierce debate on all of the bills and the votes all required standing votes for they were so close.

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7th annual Bear Pit a roaring success

During this event, YPM also induced three former members into the YPM Senate, and then presented Darren Praznik with the YPM Alumni Acheievement Award. YPM member also had the opportunity to pose questions to former MLAs Reg Alcock, Darren Praznik, and Howard Pawley, former Premier of Manitoba.

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