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United Way Profiles Youth Parliament


The United Way of Winnipeg teamed up with the International Institute of Sustainable Development to develop a community indicators website called Peg. This site gathers data about Winnipeg, falling under a number of different indicators.

The Youth Parliament of Manitoba featured in the Political Voice indicator. Our Deputy Premier, Kamal Dhillon, was interviewed in a video presentation about the Youth Parliament of Manitoba’s role in promoting responsible governance.

Watch the video here!

New Executive for 94th Winter Session Elected


The final task for members of the 93rd Winter Session of the Youth Parliament of Manitoba was to elect the executive team for the 94th Session.

The results were:

Speaker (Past Chairperson): Brent Hardy
Premier (Chairperson): Kamal Dhillon
Deputy Premier (Vice-Chairperson): Joseph Broda
Deputy Speaker (Director of Finance): Ariel Melamedoff
House Leader (Director of Procedures): Ryan Sherbo

Congratulations to the new executive, and we look forward to another fantastic year!

Youth Parliamentarians Close 93rd Winter Session


The 93rd annual Youth Parliament of Manitoba Winter Session came to a close December 30, 2014. It was a fantastic session that left all members feeling like they had found a new family, as many executive members mentioned in their closing speeches.

Of particular note was the quality of discourse in the house this year. Debates were extremely lively and upon hearing “members wishing to speak” from our Speaker, Andrew Jones, backbenchers and cabinet alike jumped out of their seats.

Credit must also be given to the skill of the bill presenting Ministers this year, as all six pieces of legislation were passed.

If you would like to see more details about this session, please see our Twitter and Instagram pages.

Global News Winnipeg Covers Day 2!

We are pleased to share the media coverage of Day 2 of the 93rd Annual Winter Session, broadcasted by Global News. The Minister of Labour, Ryan Sherbo; the Premier, Brent Hardy; and the Honourable Member from Nose Hill, Abigail Pudwill were all interviewed.

Watch the full coverage here.

The 93rd Winter Session Kicks Off!

The 93rd annual Winter Session kicked off today, beginning with great anticipation and cumulating in a rousing debate. The opening ceremonies began with inspiring words from our Lieutenant Governor, Sachit Mehra who is an alumni of Youth Parliament of Manitoba.

The bill debated today was the Research Integrity Act, presented by the Minister of Labour, Ryan Sherbo. This bill seeks to make corporate research and development more ethical and more focused on long-term social benefits. A government committee would establish research guidelines and target goals and would distribute funding to businesses that follow them. 

Tomorrow’s debates will include The Glass Ceiling Act, The Healthcare Initiative Act, The Business Ethics Act and the Artistic Integrity Act.

For live updates of the 93rd Winter Session of YPM, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Youth Parliamentarians Prepare for 93rd Winter Session

Preparations for the 93rd Annual Winter Session of the Youth Parliament of Manitoba are nearly complete. A press conference was held yesterday at the Legislative Building, hosted by Hon. Daryl Reid, the speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba. Various media outlets such as CTV, CBC and the Winnipeg Free Press covered the story.


That evening, the final details were planned at the last cabinet meeting before Session. We are looking forward to a great five days full of interesting legislation, engaging debate, and lots of fun!

Read the full Free Press coverage of the press conference here.

YPM’s Alumni Achievement Award!

Youth Parliament of Manitoba established the Alumni Achievement Award (AAA) in 2003. The purpose of the AAA is to recognize the outstanding achievements of former members, and to demonstrate to current members how their participation at YPM events can prepare them for their future careers.

The Board of Directors is excited to announce Michael Champagne as this year’s recipient of the award.

A life-long North Ender, Michael Champagne is founder of AYO! Aboriginal Youth Opportunities, a youth movement that has been breaking stereotypes and creating opportunities since 2010. Michael enjoys writing on a variety of blogs, hosting educational and promotional videos and sharing stories, events and perspectives of inner city resident’s weekly on Inner City Voices (CKUW). He is also a community organizer and public speaker who has traveled across Canada sharing teachings, acronyms and strategies with youth leaders and educators.

Michael attended Youth Parliament of Manitoba at the 84th Winter Session as a backbencher. His efforts to be a positive role model to the Aboriginal youth community as well as youth from all walks of life embody many of the principles and values held by the Youth Parliament of Manitoba. We congratulate Michael on his success and look forward to the positive changes he continues to inspire within our community.

YPM’s Lieutenant Governor has been Announced!

It is our great pleasure to announce Mr. Sachit Mehra as the Lieutenant Governor of our 93rd Winter Session.

Sachit Mehra is a successful entrepreneur based in St. Norbert area who has worked tirelessly to give back to his community. Along with other members of his family, he has been an integral part of the continued success of the top rated East India Company Pub and Eatery. The father of two sons, Mohit and Givan, Sachit and his wife, Caroline, helped create much needed daycare spaces at École Viscount Alexander. As well, Sachit has served as a director on the King’s Park Child Care Board.

Over the past seven years, the annual charity event Sachit founded has raised over $50,000 for a number of initiatives at the Victoria General Hospital such as improvements to palliative care, minimally invasive surgery and the Miracle Garden.

In addition to giving back to his immediate community, Sachit has a passion for improving Winnipeg as a whole. He has served as the Chair of the Downtown BIZ and a member of the 2015 Grey Cup Steering Committee. Through his volunteer activities Sachit understands what is needed to develop a growing and thriving city. He was instrumental in establishing two successful locations of the Downtown Farmers’ Market as well as fostering strong connections between the centralized sites and the St. Norbert Farmers’ Market.

Sachit was a member of Youth Parliament of Manitoba from the 72nd session to the 76th session. During his time within the organization Sachit was also a member of cabinet.

Youth Parliament of Manitoba Alumni Scholarship!

Youth Parliament of Manitoba is happy to introduce the Youth Parliament of Manitoba Alumni Scholarship. This Scholarship will allow a member to attend session who might not otherwise be able to due to financial constraints. The inaugural installment of this award has been funded by the generous support of three of our esteemed alumni members: Ben Wickstrom (81st-83rd), Sachin Kumar (81st-83rd), and Steven Synyshyn (81st-83rd). The recipient is selected by these contributing alumni in coordination with the Board of Directors through networking with members of the Winnipeg non-profit community to find an interested and engaged youth that could benefit from and enjoy attending a YPM session. The Scholarship covers the registration fee and also includes additional funds for acquiring parliamentary attire and covering the cost of meals and other spending during session.

We are very excited to see the initiative materialize and look forward to welcoming the first recipient to the 93rd Winter Session. It is our hope that this new initiative creates another way for recent and older alumni to stay connected and contribute to YPM efforts. Alumni are encouraged to contact the Board of Directors if they are interested in contributing to this initiative in sessions to come and in so doing help to make Youth Parliament of Manitoba increasingly accessible for all Manitoban youth. Of course, many thanks go to Ben, Sachin, and Steven for initiating and supporting the inauguration of this excellent opportunity.

Interested alumni and other community members are also encouraged to consider our sponsor-a-member donation option which is new this year as well.


Partnership with Parlement Jeunesse Franco-Manitobain!


We are pleased to announce that YPM is officially entering in to a long-term partnership with the Parlement Jeunesse Franco-Manitobain (PJFM). PJFM is YPM’s french-language counterpart, which holds its winter session in February of every year. This coming session is their 31st, and they hold the impressive distinction of being the only francophone youth parliament in Canada that is, like YPM, planned and carried out entirely by young people.

Our partnership is still in its infancy, but we are excited to offer a flat rate of $100 to enroll in YPM for all PJFM participants. These dual participants will also receive a flat rate of $40 to PJFM enrollment.

We hope that this partnership will lead to more young francophones attending our session, and we look forward to many cross-promotion and joint recruitment events in the future. We at YPM are confident that this partnership will be a boon to both organizations, and we thank all involved for their hard work to make it a reality.