Past Premiers

Since 1922, YPM has been teaching youth about the importance of serving other young people in the community through our programs. Our success is born out in the works our past members have accomplished in their future careers.

We are especially proud of our past Premiers. As young people, they led our organization; as adults, they have helped lead their communities, their province and their country.

Among our past Premiers are community leaders and politicians. It also includes authors, teachers, Ivy League graduates, Rhodes Scholars, and a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

19221E.A. Armstrong
19232Erie L. Jackson
19243Frank Fidler
19254Darwin Chase
19265John Gilmer
19276John Gilmer
19287John Dunderdale
19298William Moore Benidickson
19309Vivian M. Rogers
193110Mervyn Sprung
193211Donald Ross
193312George S. Thurton
193413Joseph Benson
193514James M. Taylor
193615J. S. McArdle
193716Donald L. Mackay
193817Wilson Milne
193918Raymond Threson
194019Frederick Tallman
194120Aitken Harvey
194221Frederick Bickell
194322Maurice Helston
194423Lynn Watt
194524Thomas Goulding
194625Garth Campbell
194726Robert H. Johnson
194827William Norrie
194928J. A. C. Magee
195029Doug Mauchlan
195130Alan G. Gardiner
195231Harry T. Makin
195332Victor Mearon
195433Robert A. Steen
195534Lawrie Smith
195635Waldron Fox-Decent
195736Don King
195837Graeme Garson
195938Doug McEwan
196039Lloyd Axworthy
196140Mike Quiggin
196241Denis Corrie
196342Bruce Doern
196443Neil Gailbraith
196544Gary Scherbain
196645Jim Lightbody
196746Hugh Stephens
196847Tom Axworthy
196948Philip Reece
197049Bob Williamson
197150John Romanow
197251Ron Miller
197352Laurie Swardfager
197453Paul DuVal
197554Chris Guest
197655Andrew Treusch
197756Gordon Du Val
197857Dave Najduch
197958Ann Thompson
198059Ian Manson
198160Darren Praznik
198261Jim Bell
198362Bruce Johannson
198463Dmytro Dutka
198564Patricia Chaychuk
198665Erminia Pallone
198766Nasir Faruqui
198867Glen Hickerson
198968Sean Crick
199069Michelle Elvers-Crick
199170James Muir
199271Christine Barnson
199372J.P. Lapointe
199473Mark Matz
199574Cindy Fleury
199675Darcy Rollins
199776Nichole Cyr
199877Ken Yost
199978Alan Fehr
200079Donna Chanas
200180Mercedes Alcock
200281Micah Melnyk
200382Michael Feuerstein
200483Carlee-ann Dueck
200584Michael Urban
200685Dana Gregoire
200786Katie Szilagyi
200887Amy Dhillon
200988Jennifer Pawluk
201089Darcy Vermeulen
201190Darren Haber
201291Bojan Pirnat
201392Andrew Jones
201493Brent Hardy
201594Kamal Dhillon
201695Joseph Broda
201796Ariel Melamedoff
201897Adrienne Tessier
201998Deborah Tsao