Honorary President

Each year, the Parliamentary Executive invites a prominent citizen of Manitoba to act as the organization’s Honorary President. The HP attends the opening banquet and makes a brief presentation to the membership and is otherwise free to attend the many events of the annual session. Furthermore, YPM’s Honorary President is available throughout the year to support and advise YPM’s board of directors.

Past Honorary Presidents

Below is a list of past Honorary Presidents. YPM is honoured that each of these individuals have shared in our history and mission to serve the youth of Manitoba.

YearSessionHonorary President
200281William Norrie
200382Shirley Liba
200483Susan A. Thompson
200584Peter St John, 9th Earl of Orkney
200685The Rt. Hon. Edward Schreyer
200786Muriel Smith
200887Gordon Sinclair Jr.
200988Reginald B. Alcock
201089Reginald B. Alcock
201190Reginald B. Alcock/Bill Blaikie
201291Bill Blaikie
201392Patricia Chaychuk
201493Patricia Chaychuk
201594Patricia Chaychuk
201695Daryl Reid
201796Jerry Storie