As with any organization, Youth Parliament of Manitoba has defined regulations and governing structures to ensure consistency from year to year.

Governing Documents

The governing documents of YPM Inc. include the following:

  • Articles of Incorporation (and associated documents)
  • By-Laws
  • Standing Orders
  • Code of Conduct (adhered to by all members at official events)
  • Western Canada Youth Parliament Act

The official versions of these documents can be downloaded below:

Western Canada Youth Parliament Act25.4 KiB
Articles of Revival (1988)29.4 KiB
Articles of Incorporation (1983)62.7 KiB
2020 Code Of Conduct65.1 KiB
2020 Standing Orders144.4 KiB
Resolution to Approve Name146.7 KiB
2020 By-Laws190.6 KiB
Resolution to Approve Name - Transcript411.8 KiB

To suggest a change or for further information about the governing documents, please contact the House Leader.


Standing Orders and Bylaws Organizational Committee (SOBLOC)

The Standing Orders and By-Laws Organizational Committee is a standing committee struck each year in January at the final meeting of the cabinet. This committee is colloquially known by its acronymic name: SOBLOC.

SOBLOC’s terms of reference direct it to review YPM’s governing documents and propose amendments thereto. They report their recommendations for amendments at the AGM.

The committee’s membership is comprised of the following:

  • The House Leader (Chair)
  • The Speaker
  • Members chosen by and from the Cabinet


Annual General Meeting

YPM holds its Annual General Meeting each year during the spring. All members are invited to attend and participate as voting members of the organization.

All members are given the chance to discuss and amend the organization’s governing documents, ratify the budget for the fiscal year and hear the Premier’s State of the Corporation address.

Documents from past AGMs are available below for download.

2012 AGM Package183.9 KiB
2008 AGM Package251.3 KiB
2013 AGM Package469.5 KiB
2006 AGM Package664.3 KiB
2019 AGM Package725.7 KiB
2007 AGM Package757.5 KiB
2016 AGM Package824.7 KiB
2015 AGM Package1.3 MiB
2017 AGM Package1.5 MiB
2014 AGM Package2.4 MiB
2018 AGM Package3.7 MiB
2020 AGM Package26.4 MiB

Election Meeting

YPM holds its Election Meeting on the evening of the fifth day of the Winter Session, immediately following prorogation.

The Speaker of Winter Session acts as the chairperson of the Election Meeting and the CEO of the elections themselves.

All members* of the corporation are permitted to nominate another member, second a nomination or be nominated themselves to serve on the organization’s board of directors. All members are also given the opportunity to pose questions of the nominees and to vote in the actual elections.

*In accordance with provincial law, all directors must be no less than 18 years of age.

2018 Election Meeting Minutes53.7 KiB
2019 Election Meeting Minutes94.5 KiB
2017 Election Meeting Minutes112.5 KiB
2011 Election Meeting Minutes125.2 KiB
2013 Election Meeting Minutes133.3 KiB
2020 Election Meeting Minutes151.8 KiB
2016 Election Meeting Minutes152.5 KiB
2014 Election Meeting Minutes214.3 KiB