Applications for Cabinet are currently open. If you were a Member in the 96th Winter Session and wish to be involved in planning for YP 97, please e-mail for more information!

Youth Parliament of Manitoba’s team of volunteer staff makes up the Cabinet. Cabinet helps to plan and run all of our activities, including Winter Session. Members of the previous session are eligible to apply for Cabinet.

Members of the 96th Cabinet and Executive at our annual Cabinet Retreat.

About the Cabinet

Below is a list of the current Ministries and their members, including a brief synopsis of their duties. If you wish to contact any of them, you can do so here.

Upper Cabinet

  • Registrar General
  • Ministry of Human Resources
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Revenue
  • Ministry of Government Services
  • Ministry of Labour

Lower Cabinet

  • Ministry of Alumni Affairs
  • Ministry of External Affairs
  • Ministry of Publications
  • Ministry of Public Relations
  • Ministry of Supply and Service
  • Ministry of Reconciliation
  • Ministry of Rural Development
  • Whips

Registrar General

The Registrar General is responsible for accepting all registration forms from participants to Winter Session. They also act as the primary point of contact for all participants.

  • Registrar General: Jessica Eblie

Ministry of Human Resources

The Ministry of Human Resources is responsible for recruiting in schools with a focus on student outreach and teacher awareness. They also work on reaching out to politicians and other community leaders and informing them about YPM.

  • Minister: Nina Lam
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister: John Iradikunda

Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance works together with the Director of Finance to manage the corporation’s finances. They are mainly responsible for corporate fundraising initiatives throughout the year.

  • Minister: Ronald Gamblin
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister: Leslie Kretai

Ministry of Revenue

The Ministry of Revenue works alongside the Ministry of Finance on fundraising initiatives throughout the year with a focus on bolstering support among alumni and other members of the YPM community.

  • Minister: Johise Namwira

Ministry of Government Services

The Ministry of Government Services is, together with the Ministry of Labour, responsible for overseeing logistical planning that occurs each year. Specifically, the Ministry books accommodations, travel and facilities needed for the sessions to take place successfully.

  • Minister: Alexander Bastin

Ministry of Labour

The Ministry of Labour is, together with the Ministry of Government Services, responsible for overseeing logistical planning. Specifically, this Ministry is responsible for planning the food services and overseeing the dietary needs of the membership.

  • Minister: Silke Groeneweg

Ministry of Alumni Affairs

The Ministry of Alumni Affairs is responsible for assisting the Speaker with relations between the organization and our past members. Their duties include organizing the annual Alumni Reception and organizing our material at the Archives of Manitoba.

  • Minister: Gordon Parisian
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister: Vanessa Rodrigues

Ministry of External Affairs

The Ministry of External Affairs is responsible for outside correspondence with fellow Youth Parliaments and for acquiring letters of welcome from various dignitaries.

  • Minister: Allison Ortiz Toledo

Ministry of Publications

The Ministry of Publications is responsible for preparing the ACRONYM – our daily magazine during parliamentary sessions – and for publishing and photocopying all documents during session.

  • Minister: Marie Sutherland
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister: Marcus Bellec

Ministry of Public Relations

The Ministry of Public Relations is responsible for coordinating relations with the news media through interviews and press releases. They also organize a press conference in the weeks leading up to session.

  • Minister of Public Relations: Jonny Hoang
  • Minister of Communications: Bethany Penner

Ministry of Supply and Service

The Ministry of Supply and Service is responsible for the sale of all YPM-related merchandise during session (such as t-shirts, ties and pins) and also for acquiring any bulk non-food materials used during session, such as folders, pens, paper, etc.

  • Minister: Dylan Fijal
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister: Nihal Bhullar

Ministry of Reconciliation

The Ministry of Reconciliation is responsible for bringing an Indigenous perspective to the Youth Parliament of Manitoba, including the recruitment of members from reserves, integrating Indigenous beliefs and practices in our ceremonies, and reaching out to Indigenous community organizations.

  • Minister: Shania Pruden

Ministry of Rural Development

The Ministry of Rural Development is responsible for ensuring that rural Manitoba is adequately represented in YPM by recruiting new members and seeking support from the alumni and business community in rural Manitoba.

  • Minister: Trent Brownlee


The Whips are responsible for “whipping” members from place to place under the direction of the House Leader. They also book transportation to and from the Manitoba Legislature and plan evening entertainment and social activities.

  • Female Whip: Danielle Black
  • Male Whip: Sukhcharhat Dhillon