Cabinet is made up of YPM’s team of volunteer staff. Members of the previous Winter Session are eligible to apply for Cabinet.

Members of the 97th Cabinet and Executive at our annual Cabinet Retreat.

Upper Cabinet

  • Ministry of Human Resources
  • Registrar General
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Revenue
  • Ministry of Labour
  • Ministry of Government Services

Lower Cabinet

  • Ministry of Alumni Affairs
  • Ministry of Communications
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Ministry of Publications
  • Ministry of Public Relations
  • Ministry of Supply and Service
  • Ministry of Reconciliation
  • Whips

Ministry of Human Resources

The Ministry of Human Resources leads YPM’s recruitment efforts by connecting YPM with events, schools, and community organizations.

  • Minister: Marie Sutherland
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister: Karla Atanacio

Registrar General

The Registrar General coordinates the registration for Winter Session, communicating information to registrants leading up to the event. They also create the seating chart for the Chamber and the Inaugural Speech schedule for new Backbenchers.

  • Registrar General: Jonny Hoang

Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance works together with the Ministry of Revenue on fundraising initiatives throughout the year, with a focus on corporate sponsorship and customer relationship management (CRM).

  • Minister: Alex Bastin
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister: Alexa Mucyo Kayonga

Ministry of Revenue

The Minister of Revenue works with the Ministry of Finance on fundraising initiatives throughout the year. They also organize YPM’s annual Coffee House.

  • Minister: Leslie Kretai

Ministry of Labour

The Minister of Labour prepares and orders the food served to Members during Winter Session.

  • Minister: Dylan Fijal

Ministry of Government Services

The Minister of Government Services books the facilities and transportation used during Winter Session.

  • Minister: Vanessa Rodrigues

Ministry of Alumni Affairs

The Ministry of Alumni Affairs assists the Speaker with relations between the organization and its former Members. Their duties include recruiting clerks and filing YPM’s documents at the Archives of Manitoba.

  • Minister: Katie Bowman
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister: Marissa Hamlin

Ministry of Communications

The Minister of Communications corresponds with dignitaries and other Youth Parliaments to acquire letters of welcome, read aloud at Winter Session.

  • Minister: Angela Liu

Ministry of Defence

The Minister of Defence serves as the main liaison between YPM and local Cadets units.

  • Minister: Nihal Bhullar

Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Minister of Internal Affairs works to ensure that all Members have a safe, enjoyable, and comfortable experience at Winter Session. They also plan daily entertainment activities throughout the event.

  • Minister: Danielle Black

Ministry of Publications

The Ministry of Publications creates and publishes the Cookbook, the handbook handed out to Members at Winter Session; and the ACRONYM, YPM’s daily magazine distributed during sittings.

  • Minister: Sydney Mann
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister: James Pruden

Ministry of Public Relations

The Ministry of Public Relations manages YPM’s social media accounts, communicates with press outlets, coordinates interviews during Winter Session, and composes press releases.

  • Minister of Public Relations: Sukhcharhat Dhillon
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister: Leo Davidson

Ministry of Supply and Service

The Ministry of Supply and Service manages the sale of YPM merchandise and page tickets at Winter Session.

  • Minister: Marcus Bellec
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister: Jordan Percival

Ministry of Reconciliation

The Minister of Reconciliation is responsible for bringing an Indigenous perspective to the Youth Parliament of Manitoba, including the recruitment of Members from reserves, integrating Indigenous beliefs and practices in our ceremonies, and reaching out to Indigenous community organizations.

  • Minister: River Turner


The Whips keep an account of the whereabouts of Members at Winter Session and ensure that Members arrive to and from destinations in an efficient manner. They also recruit the pages, Cadets, and bagpiper who assist throughout Winter Session.

  • Thompson Whip: Beth Graham
  • Armstrong Whip: Jacob Harvey