August: The Month Where Politicians Relax… Really?

Every year both the House of Commons and Senate in Ottawa and the Legislature in Winnipeg “rise” for the summer. In parliamentary language the word “rise” simply refers to fact that Parliament does not formally gather or discuss or debate certain bills. This means that the government does not pass any laws during the summer but rather it waits for the return of Parliament in the fall. So, what do politicians do when its summer time? Do they go to the beach? Do they sit around waiting for Parliament? The short answer is probably not. When Parliament rises for the summer, many politicians go home to their ridings. Many celebrate the summer with their families and constituents. Some spend more time in their local offices, while of course taking the time to relax, because it is summer. Others, like government officials, still have the work of governance to do. From the Cabinet to the Prime Minister himself, the work of Parliament and government continues. It’s important to remember that service is a full time job, and that’s what we at YPM too. We may not sit in the Prime Minister’s chair, or have Press conferences discussing the events happening around the world, or even discuss foreign and domestic policy, but instead we have meetings on how Winter Session will be, on what our goals are but most importantly what is it that we do. YPM’s mission is clear “to foster amongst the youth of Manitoba an understanding of, interest in, and engagement with the Canadian democratic parliamentary process that would enable their active participation in society as responsible citizens.” While we at YPM may not formally rise like Parliament does, we like the government now, governments then and the governments of tomorrow do not rest during the summer, because YPM never stops and neither do our goals. See you soon! 

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