Third Day of the 100th Session

On the third day of Christmas came three French hens. This third day of session was accompanied by gifts no less opulent. YPM’s Senate saw three pillars of our organization inducted into its ranks. Those were Abigaïl Theano-Pudwill, Lloyd Axworthy, and Bob Kozminski. Afterwards, we had the honour of being joined by a number of prominent former politicians from the area, and then several active members of the New Democratic Party. They gave consistently timely and insightful answers to the numbers questions fielded to them by our members. Both of these Q&A’s were deftly moderated by our diligent Premier.

Finally, we held our Fifth and Sixth sessions. The Immigration Accreditation Act, Election Reform Act, Online Video Game Regulation Act, and Non Violent Canada Act were all read and debated – prompting compelling speeches and thought provoking ideas.

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