Second Day of the 100th Session

What a day! As days are to Canadian Prime Ministers, this day was certainly The Honourable Alexander Mackenzie PC, because it was the second one. Many remarkable things took place – too many to put into words. As such, this blog will stick to the less-remarkable.

We saw 8 wonderful ‘replies to the speech from the throne’ from our amazing backbenchers. Those displays of talent and charisma took all of our breaths away.

The exceptional Community Service, Organ Donation, and Connecting Canada Acts all saw their second readings, and the debates that ensued were nothing short of very very good. This author was swayed to staunchly support then furiously oppose each piece of legislation several times over. 

To cap off this Alex Mack’ of a day, backbenchers, cabinetry, and the executive all sat down for a rousing night of trivia.

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