An Unprecedented Winter Session

This year is undoubtedly like none other, and this year’s Winter Session is no different.

We are one of the oldest model parliament organizations in the Commonwealth, having held sessions continuously since 1922. This is the first Winter Session to not be held at the Manitoba Legislative Building in all our 99 year history. We constantly work to educate and involve youth in Canada’s political system, aiming to help create the next generation of parliamentarians, community leaders, and active citizens. Despite this year’s Winter Session looking very different, great care has been devoted to translating the traditional aspects of session to an online format, making the upcoming session engaging and informative. Nina Lam, YPM’s Vice-Chairperson, shares:

“Despite this being the first year in our 99-year history that we’re not holding our Winter Session at the Manitoba Legislature, everyone involved has been working tirelessly to preserve the unique experience that allows youth to feel inspired, enlightened, and engaged with the activities and with their peers.”

Throughout the past century, generations of youth have come together year after year to discuss pertinant issues of their time, ranging from the legalization of alcohol, women’s participation in politics, and online privacy. Though this year’s session will not be held in the Manitoba Legislature, the organization is committed to continuing its consecutive record and providing youth with a platform to discuss their experiences and thoughts during this tumultuous time period.

While this year’s cabinet and executive are saddened to be away from the Legislature, we are optimistic that Winter Session will continue to be meaningful and captivating. We are looking forward to hosting this reimagined event and showing our collective dedication to promoting civic engagement and leadership, regardless of the format.

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