YPM’s Executive’s Advice on De-stressing

Staying at home leaves much individual responsibility to maintain routine and wellness. Youth Parliament Manitoba does their best as a group to support one another. Individually we also have many ways of maintaining ourselves, unwinding is important and often very difficult. We wanted to share some of our Executive team’s favourite wellness practices in hopes that they inspire others to add to their own feel-good routine.

Our Premier Abigail Pudwill loves to put on jazzy bops and dance to shake off steam. She finds that expressing creativity via outfits, painting and singing always cheers her up. Something Abby does to put her mind at ease while continuing her work is making a to do list and numbering tasks off in order of priority. Knowing where to start is often half the battle, organizing yourself and creating a to do list goes a long way.

Taking a walk on the daily is also a great way to unwind regardless of how stressed you feel. For YPM’s Deputy Speaker and Director of Finance Marie Sutherland, getting outside for a walk is essential. Even if she can only squeeze a short walk into her day, it always helps.

There’re many ways to cope with stress, you don’t always need to do something energy requiring to wind down. Our Deputy Premier Nina Lam likes to make some tea and light a candle to cozy herself. Making tea also forces her to get out of her seat which is always a good mental break considering she’s often at her desk for hours on end.

It’s important to note that talking to those around you is also a great way to relieve pressure. Knowing when to reach out to others when you feel overwhelmed is essential. We hope you found these suggestions helpful and constructive to your self-care routine!

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