A Moment for Female History in YPM

Youth Parliament of Manitoba is one of the oldest organizations of its kind. The 98th session that took place just last year is especially significant – it was the first year that the Executive team had been compiled entirely of women. This historically significant occurrence is an opportunity for other chronicled female accomplishments to be highlighted from within YPM’s archives.

In 1972, eight women were only approved to attend the 51st Session as associate members without voting rights. Because after much debate the “Older Boys’ Parliament” voted against changing their organizations name in order to accommodate both genders.

1973 was the first-year women were permitted as full-voting members within the newly named “Youth Parliament of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario”. This great moment came after the women of Manitoba had created their own organization, “Women’s Model Parliament” of which there were 3 sessions.

Evidence of female success in “YPMNO” became undeniable when just seven years after they first became apart of the organization, Ann Thompson became the first female Premier. It was an honour to have Ann Thompson visit last year to see the Executive team of the 98th Session thrive.

Today we celebrate a Youth Parliament put on through the collaboration and inclusion of all gender identities.

Marie Sutherland; Adrienne Tessier; Abigail Theano-Pudwill; Deborah Tsao; Nina Lam

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