Day 3 of Winter Session 98

Today cabinet stepped back in multiple ways, allowing backbenchers to have their chance in the spotlight. Backbenchers started the day with breakfast and conversation in the legislature, which allowed our ministry of labour a much needed sleep-in after days of preparing meals! Breakfast was followed by a very candid question and answer session with former MLAs and MPs. This session, dubbed the ‘bear pit’ is a formidable experience, because former politicians often answer questions with a high degree of nuance and honesty.

Furthermore, the majority of today’s legislation was written at session by backbenchers, allowing them the exciting opportunity to brainstorm, craft, and present a bill. I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited to present my bill, or I was writing my speech… no one will ever know which said Ana the member from Bruce-Grey-Owen-Sound after her bill on eco-burial passed without amendment.

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