The Final Words

This is it, no more all nighters, or morning breakfasts with friends. All have gone their separate ways, and #YP96 is now a memory in 90 members lives.  During December 26 – 31, 2017, we learnt and experienced public speaking, parliamentary procedures, debate and about our province. We got the opportunity to  discuss worries and concerns that youth may have.  YPM had the wonderful opportunity to have lunch with The Liberal, PC and NDP parties. During these luncheons, youth are able to share and speak their minds to current and past members of parliament. YPM gives engaging opportunities for the leaders of today.

At session, one main attraction is the diverse group of individuals you meet. We all come from different backgrounds and with different viewpoints. We as individuals are attracted to people who are different and not like us, we’re intrigued.  Let me further this thought, we had members who enjoyed sports, video games, art, reading, one member was really passionate about recycling. She really encouraged us to recycle our soda cans, or to throw paper in the right slot of the garage bins. It is so encouraging to see young students who are passionate about situations, either that being animal rights or taking care of our precious environment and taking action.

Leaving YPM really makes oneself think about who they are and what they believe in. Even though we are praciting and debating mock bills, this exercise really brings out convictions of ourselves. Who would have thought, a politician camp was so much more than mere politics. It is a place where friendships begin and grow, where individuals can voice their worries, opinions but most importantly, listen to other youth. Listening is just as important as speaking. I urge members to come back, you will grow as an individual, you will not be sorry.

My first encounter of YPM was the 95th Winter Session. I went with an acquaintance that was really a stranger. As time progressed, that acquaintance grew quite dear to me. They would speak up in the House and my mind would be blown! The topics spoken and debated were absolutely outstanding, their convictions, morals and beliefs all contributed to the dabte. Once the 95th Session ended, we both applied for cabinet, and as would have fate had it, we became ministry partners. Without YPM, I can guarantee we would have not spoken to one another. Cabinet is an opportunity for others to come together in an unique way. To work with people you may have not gotten to know otherwise. To help create and make YPM a better organization.  Cabinet is a chance to give others a chance. I encourage all members to apply, you will not regret it!

Thank you again for all who participated in the 96th Winter Session, till next year my friends!

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