Letting Yourself Be Heard

December 27, 2017

Second day of Session! The Executive and Cabinet are in awe of the backbenchers this year. The excitement and the unique perspective that they bring into debate is priceless! Today we debated The Minister of Finance’s bill; The First Nations Recognition Act (Minister of Finance), The Standardized Child and Youth Welfare Act (Minister of Revenue), and The Agriculture and Climate Act (Registrar General).

During one of the breaks, the member from Delta made a lovely point. He acknowledged something very unique about YPM.  He said that those who attend Session are willing to let themselves be vulnerable in the House and just open up about past or current experiences they have lived through which brings the members closer together. He also stated, how even though YPM is a mock parliament, it really brings out emotions and convictions you thought you never had. Session is a safe environment for all to express themselves and to hear different, but amazing points of view.

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