December 26-31, 2016

One amazing aspect of coming to YPM is the friendships you create. Youth Parliament of Manitoba creates an amazing atmosphere where all feel welcomed. YPM is an organization that transforms a group of complete strangers into a passionate group of young leaders that gather together to discuss and debate pertinent topics. In an environment such as this, friendships are destined to blossom!

Our current PS to Alumni Affairs and The Minister of Communications were placed in the same committee team last year, and that is where it all started. They began to discuss the amendments to bills together, and realized how similar they were in political thought. From there, their friendship grew. The two would stay up chatting about life as a university student, what they liked and valued, and about humorous things that happened during session. In the late hours, they would watch TV shows and comment on what was happening and take snapchat selfies. To this day, they visit each other at university, go out for lunch and of course, go shopping together! Both cabinet members are thankful to YPM, because without it, they would have maybe never met. Attending session is an excellent way of forming lasting friendships!

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