The End

December 30, 2017

We announce with both sadness and joy that today is the last day of session. This week was filled with excitement, joy, fear, nervousness, and laughter. As the 96th Winter Session comes to a close, we say good-bye to the Speaker who was a part of this amazing organization for 8 years. Farewell!

YPM Executive and Cabinet would just like to start off by saying thank you to all the backbenchers. Without you, we would not have had a such a wonderful and diverse session. Many of you came with fears of what would and could happen. If you think about what happened this week, every individual is extraordinary, and each and every member has so much to be proud of: daring to speak in front of fifty or more people, many of whom were strangers, debating complex topics with nuance and intelligence, developing public speaking and communication skills.

Most importantly, members have fostered friendships with one another and have joined a supportive, compassionate community. YPM is a space that accepts you for who you are, and you will always have a home here.

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