Day Two of Debate!

Day two of YP has now come to an end
Though fun and exciting, debate we suspend
Until the next day, of which we will spend
Another great day with newly-formed friends.

We started debate on exactly four bills
Which had all the parliamentarians thrilled
One of which talked about how we’ll instill
In police a sense of mindful goodwill

Another bill wanted to make it a right
For humans to be free from natural blight
The planet is dying, a truly big fright
For all of our assets on Earth are finite

How about those who want more than one spouse?
They should be able to live in one house
And marry each other without public grouse
They’ll no longer have to live life as a mouse

Finally, citizens work toward peace
By serving conscription before a release
From fighting, first aid, and hard elbow grease
You’ll work for the army for ten years. Capisce?

We’ll send these bills off to committees in time
In which they’ll come out looking super sublime
So come to the House and see us at our prime
We promise our speeches won’t end in a rhyme!

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