95th Winter Session Comes to a Close

This evening marked the closing of the 95th Session. We began the night with our Closing Ceremonies, which were followed by our 96th Winter Session Executive Election.

The House passed five bills this session: The Environmental Rights Act, the Plural Marriage Act, the Police Review Act, the Holistic Education Act, and the Prisoner Education Act. Unfortunately for the ministers who created the bills, neither the Military Reform Act, nor the Health and Labour Balance Act passed the Third Reading in the House.

This session was met with many unexpected difficulties. Not only did our Members begin the week by trekking through a blizzard, but a bout of sickness worked its way through the House. Despite these setbacks, our Parliamentarians participated in one of our most productive sessions of passionate debate and active political discussion. We also successfully initiated our Reconciliation Fund with the aim to increase accessibility to Indigenous Youth within our programming. YPM executives will continue to expand on this program in upcoming sessions so that all youth can have a chance to participate and learn about the political process. Youth will continue to learn the necessary skills to engage in political change within Canada’s Westminster Parliamentary system.

Finally, we would like to congratulate the newly-elected executive of the 96th Winter Session: Premier, Ariel Melamedoff; Speaker, Joey Broda; Deputy Premier, Adrienne Tessier; Deputy Speaker, Deborah Tsao; and House Leader, Abby Theano-Pudwill. We are certain that this group will lead us forward and accomplish great things for YPM!

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