2016 Provincial Election All-Candidates Debate

The Youth Parliament of Manitoba, in association with Aboriginal Youth Opportunities and the Association of Former Members of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly, hosted a debate between representatives of the Communist, Green, NDP, Liberal, and PC parties on March 10, 2016 at the University of Winnipeg. Debate was lively, with candidates weighing in on support for students, COP21, Mincome, and other issues facing Manitoban youth. A full video of the event can be found here. To see more pictures, visit our Facebook.

Special thanks to the University of Winnipeg for providing the venue for this event, and to Julia Minarik for the photography.

The YPM95 Executive with all the candidates. L–R: Ariel Melamedoff (Deputy Speaker), Kamal Dhillon (Speaker), Darrell Rankin (Communist Party), Kevin Nichols (Green Party), Jeannette Montufar (PC), Wab Kinew (NDP), Scott Newman (Liberal Party), Joseph Broda (Premier), and Adrienne Tessier (House Leader)

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