Justice, Sex Ed, Health, and Police Reform all Leading up to DOOM?

Today in the house we proceeded with the second readings of the Justice Employment Reform Act, the Healthy Society Act, the Sexual Education Act, and the Police Reform Act. Debate on the bills proved contentious, but was brightened by witty rhetoric!

Highlights from the debates included whether or not to expand the reach of the Sexual Education Act to high schools or varying public, the issue of state-sponsored lawyers working against the state, debate as to whether thirteen is an appropriate age for the responsibility of choice concerning medical care, as well as the fostering of the “Blue Wall” through legislation.

However, to end off our day we were graced by the Private Members Bill, aka the “Ol’ Switcheroo Act.” This extremely controversial and suprisingly hilarious piece of legislation included the ever so clever acronym ‘DOOM’. (Special thanks to backbenchers who stayed up all night to help write it!)

Tomorrow, we look forward to our annual Bear Pit with a plethora of riveting questions and debate!

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