Youth Parliament of Manitoba Alumni Scholarship

Youth Parliament of Manitoba is happy to introduce the Youth Parliament of Manitoba Alumni Scholarship. This Scholarship will allow a member to attend session who might not otherwise be able to due to financial constraints. The inaugural installment of this award has been funded by the generous support of three of our esteemed alumni members: Ben Wickstrom (81st-83rd), Sachin Kumar (81st-83rd), and Steven Synyshyn (81st-83rd). The recipient is selected by these contributing alumni in coordination with the Board of Directors through networking with members of the Winnipeg non-profit community to find an interested and engaged youth that could benefit from and enjoy attending a YPM session. The Scholarship covers the registration fee and also includes additional funds for acquiring parliamentary attire and covering the cost of meals and other spending during session.

We are very excited to see the initiative materialize and look forward to welcoming the first recipient to the 93rd Winter Session. It is our hope that this new initiative creates another way for recent and older alumni to stay connected and contribute to YPM efforts. Alumni are encouraged to contact the Board of Directors if they are interested in contributing to this initiative in sessions to come and in so doing help to make Youth Parliament of Manitoba increasingly accessible for all Manitoban youth. Of course, many thanks go to Ben, Sachin, and Steven for initiating and supporting the inauguration of this excellent opportunity.

Interested alumni and other community members are also encouraged to consider our sponsor-a-member donation option which is new this year as well.

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