Path to YPM 93 Begins

With a successful 92nd Winter Session behind us it is now time to begin looking forward to the 93rd Winter Session. Over the weekend our Executive transitioned into their new roles and conducted their first meeting. All are excited with the prospects that 2014 brings and are ready to get to work on the journey towards our 93rd Winter Session. With great optimism, Youth Parliament of Manitoba steps into its new organizational year which promises to be just as exciting and fruitful as the last. Many thanks go to our members, alumni, dignitaries, sponsors and other supporters who continue to make this organization a successful one. It is hoped we can continue to count on their involvement. Here’s to an excellent YPM 93 and an amazing experience for all of those to be involved! We look forward to what 2014 has in store for Youth Parliament of Manitoba.

Also be sure to check back shortly as some exciting news about Speaker’s Night 2014 will be available soon.

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