Farewell Mr. Alcock, you will be missed.

Reg Alcock, Honourary President of YPM and former Liberal MP, tragically passed away yesterday morning after suffering a heart attack.

Reg Alcock was a dear friend and supporter of Youth Parliament of Manitoba. For the past two years Reg Alcock has served as YPM’s Honourary President. In those two years he contributed his expertise, knowledge and support in many ways. In 2010, Mr. Alcock was instrumental in planning our third annual Speaker’s Night dinner and this past year he acted as Master of Ceremonies for our fourth annual Speaker’s Night. As Honourary President, Mr. Alcock also took the time to address and encourage YPM’s membership, keenly observed our sittings on numerous occasions, and participated in our annual Winter Session Bear Pit.

Mr. Alcock was a great supporter of YPM’s mission to educate and engage young people in the democratic process. He appreciated the transformative nature of YPM, emphasizing this when he addressed the members of our 88th Winter Session:

For many of you attending, the Youth Parliament of Manitoba’s Winter Session will be something you never forget. For many of you, it may be a life changing experience – changing the way you view politics, the world, and our nation. I know that for at least one of you, your experience here will change the path that you will choose to take in your life and you will forever know that your passion developed here in the Legislative chamber.

To see such a dedicated public servant pass away before his time is truly tragic. However, his death reminds us that although our time on this earth is limited, in the end we must measure our lives by the change we affect, the lives we touch and people we inspire. Through his support of YPM, there is no doubt that Mr. Alcock touched the lives of many young Manitobans and for this we owe him an incredible debt of gratitude. Our sincerest condolences go out to his family. He will be missed.

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