The 89th Winter Session Begins!

Today, at 8 am sharp marked the commencement of the 89th Youth Parliament of Manitoba Winter Session! Approximately 55 youth from across Manitoba will gather in the provincial capital for what is assured to be a week of intense debate and life-long camaraderie.

Upon arrival at Kelvin High School, the new “backbenchers” will be given an orientation and then brought to the legislature. For many, this may be their first time within the historical and beautiful Manitoba Legislative Building. After taking the oath and signing the scroll of the 89th Winter Session, the members will enjoy what is sure to be a delicious meal at Buccacino’s. Following dinner, at 6:30 pm sharp the opening ceremonies will commence, in which Her Honour the Lieutenant Governor, Ruth Wilson (a youth parliamentarian herself from our 55th until the 58th sessions) will call our 89th Youth Parliament of Manitoba Winter Session to order.

Excited, and surely moved by the historical moment that they have just taken part in, the members will then return to the school for what promises to be a fun (and possibly very long) night.

The dedicated cabinet members who have been planning this session over the previous four months are extremely excited to kick off this year’s session. Alycia Praznik, the Minister of External Affairs, is looking forward to rising in the house tonight to read greetings from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

“I eagerly anticipate the highly controversial and innovative legislation that we have prepared for this winter session,” says Premier Darcy Vermeulen. “Everyone involved is so excited for the next five days of lively debate.”

For more updates on the goings-on of sessions, stay tuned to The Youth Parliamentarian – to be updated live all throughout this week – and catch all of the action, debate, and historical moments which are certain to arise!

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