89th Winter Session Commences in Fine Fashion

The 89th Youth Parliament of Manitoba Winter Session opened December 26th with remarkable enthusiasm.

Lieutenant Governor, Ruth Romanow Wilson encouraged a need to “create growth and discussion” during her remarks to the membership. She also discussed the importance of a life-long passion for critical thinking on hot-button issues such as plural marriages and the role of the monarchy in contemporary Canadian society.

Honourary President, Reg Alcock followed Ms. Wilson’s speech by discussing the apathy of the average youth today regarding the workings of goverment. He noted that our “odd” enthusiasm for politics is a refreshing change that is neccessary in today’s society. “You are kind of weird,” he jested.

House Leader, Alyssa Morrison delivered a powerfully moving reply to the speech from the throne today; sharing with the members her reasons for staying in YPM as long as she has, and the beneficial ways it has effected her to date. From her speech one thing is apparent; the passion for bettering society, which YPM created in her, extends far beyond the walls of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly during the five days of winter session its year. This need to make a difference has truly touched the hearts of her family, community, and the members whom she moved last night through her inspirational speech.

“Our goal is to foster stronger ties between the average Canadian and his or her elected representative,” said Ms. Wilson about the Democratic Renewal Act during the throne speech. Minister of Human Resources, Maarit Tymchyshyn addresses the issue of voter apathy in her bill put before the House. The debate was fierce, passionate, and at time humourous; ending with a general consensus – something must be done.

In all, the first day was a complete success and we are well on our way to hosting a Winter Session to remember! Keep checking back! We will be updating The Youth Parliamentarian daily thoughout this week.

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