Information for Teachers

A strong and growing partnership with Manitoba’s educators

YPM has benefited from strong partnerships with teachers around Manitoba to bring students to our organization.  As a youth organization we rely on bringing in new members every year.  We hope to continue to cultivate strong and long-lasting partnerships with teachers across Manitoba to ensure that as many young Manitobans as possible benefit from our programs.

YPM is an incredible opportunity for engaged young people to become educated in the democratic process and grow as individuals.  It is no coincidence that two recent members of our parliamentary executive earned Rhodes Scholarships, or that we count many community leaders and politicians among our former members.

Send us your students

If you are a teacher in Manitoba, we strongly encourage you to explore this website to see all that YPM has to offer your students.

If you wish to partner with us and provide this incredible opportunity to your students, please contact us.  We can provide you with an information package that you can give to students who you think might be interested in our programs.  Group rates are available for teachers who want to send a group of students to Winter Session.

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