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Youth Parliament of Manitoba is led by responsible young adults.  We take the safety and well-being of our membership very seriously.  We also take adherence to our rules very seriously.  All members attending YPM’s sessions must agree to abide to the YPM Code of Conduct. It consists of some basic guidelines concerning the behaviour of members while participating in official events that ensures that all members are treated with dignity and respect.

Code of Conduct

    1. All members shall adhere to the following rules while attending events hosted by YPM Inc.:
      1. Members shall respect other people, their property and their privacy.
      2. Members shall not engage in displays of affection of a sexual nature.
      3. Members shall not consume alcohol.
    2. All members of YPM Inc. shall adhere to the following rules while attending legislative sessions sponsored in part or in whole by YPM Inc.:
      1. Members shall not invite non-members to visit the facilities designated for accommodations without first obtaining permission of the Board or the Board’s designate.
      2. Members shall not enter the sleeping areas of the opposite sex.
      3. Members shall maintain a respectful level of clothing cover.
      4. Members shall not leave the designated event grounds without first obtaining the permission of the Board or the Board’s designate.
      5. Members shall be present for debate and are expected to notify the Board or the Board’s designate if they are cannot be present.
      6. All members of YPM Inc. shall dress in a dignified and proper manner befitting a Member of Parliament and shall adhere to the following dress regulations while attending parliamentary sessions sponsored in part or in whole by YPM Inc.
    3. Members shall not wear denim, hats, open-toed shoes, sneakers, wallet chains, or low-cut tops.
    4. Members shall wear business attire including a tie, a suit jacket, dress sweater or formal vest, a suit, blouse, slacks or skirt that ends no higher than the top of the knee. Midriffs and shoulders must be covered.
    5. The following behaviours shall not be tolerated by members of, or at events hosted or sponsored by, YPM Inc.:
      1. Acts of violence,
      2. Sexual harassment or sexual violence,
      3. Bullying, harassment, or discrimination, for reasons including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexual orientation, ability status, financial status, religion, or ideological beliefs, and
      4. Slander and libel.
    6. Due to health concerns arising from the use of scented products, YPM Inc. asks that members voluntarily cooperate towards a scent-reduced environment. We encourage avoiding or reducing the use of fragranced products, and to replace them with unscented alternatives.

As stated earlier, Youth Parliament of Manitoba takes its Code of Conduct very seriously.  Failure to adhere to the code of conduct may result in expulsion from YPM events.

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