Mission and Philosophy


All of our actions are guided by our mission statement, which mandates us to:

…foster amongst the youth of Manitoba an understanding of, interest in, and engagement with the Canadian democratic parliamentary process that would enable their active participation in society as responsible citizens. In so doing, YPM strives to encourage the growth of the individual and their abilities through their exposure to a diversity of ideas and perspectives and the fellowship of their peers. 


Youth Parliament of Manitoba’s governing philosophy is fundamentally similar to most other youth parliaments in the world. As espoused by our motto of “By Youth, For Youth,” we firmly believe that young people are entirely capable of running their own show. That’s why our Parliamentary Executive (i.e. the corporate board of directors) is directly elected by and from the participants themselves, not appointed by politicians, teachers or past members.

That is not to say that there is no role for such individuals; on the contrary, we strive to include each of them in our activities: politicians will often sponsor individual youth to attend, teachers will help spread the word about our great program to their students, and our alumni form a cherished part of our history and our current operations through their assistance and shared knowledge. In doing so, our members learn about the important roles these individuals play in society.

The Parliamentary Executive also chooses cabinet from amongst YPM’s members. These young people form the team that works together to put on each of our sessions. They rent our transportation, they speak to the media on our behalf, and they draft the legislation we debate. A position on cabinet is a great deal of responsibility, but is also very rewarding.

At our Annual General Meeting – the only forum where YPM’s governing documents can be ratified or amended – all members are given a vote on how the organization will be run over the next year. Through this ability to take part in our politics, members gain an understanding of the corporation’s governance, and they also learn both maturity and responsibility.


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