Other Youth Parliaments

Youth Parliament of Manitoba is just one of a series of model parliaments that exist across Canada and across the globe. Each parliament has their own variations on rules, membership and traditions. They do however, all serve the same purpose of helping youth learn about their country’s parliamentary traditions and improve their public speaking skills.YPM has close ties with many of these parliaments, in particular those who have joined with YPM to form the Western Canada Youth Parliament. Together, YPM and the other Western Canadian YPs share experiences and ideas with the goal of mutual growth for all of our members.


Parlement Jeunesse Franco-Manitobain

British Colombia Youth Parliament

TUXIS Parliament of Alberta

Saskatchewan Youth Parliament

Ontario Youth Parliament

Parlement Jeunesse du Québec

Newfoundland and Labrador Youth Parliament

Youth Parliament of the Northwest Territories


European Youth Parliament: www.eypej.org

United Kingdom Youth Parliament: www.ukyouthparliament.org.uk

Scottish Youth Parliament: www.scottishyouthparliament.org.uk


South Australia Youth Parliament: youthparliamentsa.org

Youth Parliament in the Australian Capital Territory: ypact.org

Tasmanian YMCA Youth Parliament: www.youthparliament.org.au